• Mars and Personal Development

    Posted on January 11, 2015 by in A New Astrology, Astrology and Development, New Astrological Realms

    MarsSometimes we make some important decisions, or come across some wonderful insights we want immediately to integrate into our lives, but then – hitting reality, we find out it is not that simple to actualize our decisions and change our usual ways and habits.

    The planet that is “responsible” for the actual way we do things is Mars. So we might look to it for some advice.

    planets of the solar systemLooking at the order of planets from the Sun we see that the closest planet to the Sun is Mercury, the second is Venus, WE are the “third rock from the Sun” (remember the series?) and Mars is the fourth (and so on…)

    The Sun symbolizes the source of all power, light and enlightenment. When its radiations, or potential insights, want to enter our life (Earth),they need first to go through Mercury and then Venus. Going through Mercury means entering our thoughts and presenting an idea.

    The second “station’ the light needs to pass through (we are talking symbolically of course) is Venus – and that would mean the insight, or the new source of power, would have – after presenting itself as an idea – to be felt and sensed.

    After we have an idea, and can feel it – comes the part of allowing ourselves to dwell on it – which is what Earth does – it brings things into our lives by repetition, acceptance and giving ideas the right nourishment and care.

    At  last the new knowledge, light and insight can reach the fourth station – which is the Mars station – the station of practicality, manifestation and actualization.

    Mercury and Venus are located between Earth and the Sun – so we are talking about introverted processes. Mars is the first planet that is located between Earth and the wide universe – symbolizing GOING OUT. Mars’ symbols also remind us of that – the symbols being of an arrow heading out of the circle of Earth…

    When we achieve Mars’ station we are ready to actualize the insights, give them form and make them practical in our lives. Mars is about DOING things, but actualizing and doing does not have always to mean taking on the biggest project or changing the world – sometimes it is just a shift in the way we do things –  even the mundane things. And sometimes development is all about actualizing higher insights in a very practical, day-to-day fashion, and that can change our lives.

    Mars, planet of Action, is moving in the skies, changing its location, giving us many opportunities to change the way we do things every time by a small degree, in another angle. Its location in the personal chart will tell us a lot about the way we are used to doing things. Mars movement in the skies will challenge us and sometimes will encourage our development by slowly changing our methods and style of working.

    Mars is definitely not only the God of Wwar (as Roman mythology tells us), it also is another guide in the skies that allows us development, and we can slowly get to know it and work with it…