• Lunar Eclipse – August 7

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    Twice a year, for a few weeks, the Earth, the Sun and the Moon are in perfect alignment, like on a billiard table.  This is a very special time, and the astronomical result of this alignment is that during these two periods there will be lunar and solar eclipses, to some degree.

    The current eclipses season will begin with a lunar eclipse at August 7th, and end with a solar eclipse at August 21st.


    This time the lunar eclipse is going to be a  if you are at Asia or central Europe you might see a shadow on the lower part of the moon just as it rises at the east. Nevertheless, its astrological affect will be felt world-wide.


    The Astrological Meaning of an Eclipse

    The 3 major celestial bodies are The Sun, The Moon and Earth. All with huge astrological impact.

    The Sun and the Moon are two major forces, opposing yet complimentary. They symbolize the conscious and subconscious, the adult and the child, the logic and the dream, the Ying and Yang and much more.

    And between these two oppositions – there’s Earth.

    The Sun is the transmitter, the Moon is the receiver, and Earth, our beautiful blue planet, is the conductor. Earth processes these two opposing powers, the electro-magnetic power of the dance between the Sun and the Moon, and the result of it is all the life upon it.

    The alignments between these three great bodies (the Sun, the Moon and Earth) are known years in advance and appear in the personal astrological chart as the True and South Nodes – known in many cultures as the Dragon’s Head and the Dragon’s Tail.

    During the Moon’s eclipse, Earth – the great conductor – is right between the conscious part of our lives (the Sun) and the subconscious part of our life, creating a separation between these two parts. This is also a separation between logic and intuition, past and future, the inner child and the inner adult and so on.

    The Lunar eclipse is a time to detach from our history, from our old prints, from our fears, mistakes and the paths that do not serve us anymore.


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