• Lunar Eclipse August 7th, Solar Eclipse August 21st

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    solar eclipseWe are on the verge of a very extraordinary astrological time, with two very special astrological events which will have significant implications on our lives.

    Tomorrow – Monday August 7th there will be a partial lunar eclipse. Two weeks after that, on August  21st there will be a total solar eclipse. The whole time in-between the two eclipses is a very crucial astrological time, with much significance, a time of challenges and cosmic doorways, which with some knowledge can be tremendously valuable to our lives.



    It is no coincidence that the lunar and solar eclipses are happening in proximity to one another. Two times a year there is a perfect alignment between the Earth and its child (the Moon) and father (the Sun). At this special time eclipses will occur – a lunar eclipse on the night of a Full Moon when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon and Earth’s shadow eclipses the Moon; and a solar eclipse onthe day of the new Moon, when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun, and exactly hides the Sun for a short while.

    This time the eclipse season will start with tomorrow’s partial lunar eclipse, which will be seen in most of Asia, Africa, Australia and Middle and Eastern Europe. It is only a small shadow at the bottom part of the rising Full Moon that is expected, between 17:22 and 19:18 UTC.  The peak of the eclipse will be at 18:20 UTC.

    The Solar Eclipse will be a significant one, as it will be a full Solar Eclipse that will be seen by most of the USA (North America). Not everybody will see it as a total eclipse, but if you live on the curve of Portland, Idaho,  Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee and South Carolina – the Moon will indeed totally cover the Sun for you for a few good minutes. As the Sun will travel from East to West, living in the USA, you can expect to see “your” eclipse sometime between 9:00am  and 1:00pm in your local time. Click here for more exact timings.

    Another extraordinary thing to do with the coming Solar Eclipse, is that it will happen on the cusps, exactly between two constellations. Although usually the Sun and Moon conjunct while at the same astrological constellation, this time, astronomically speaking (and not as most astrologers would say), at the time of the eclipse the Sun will be in the Leo constellation (the Realm of Nobility), while the Moon will be very close to it but still in the Cancer constellation (the astrological Realm of Giving). This is indeed a very unique coincidence, and it is even more extraordinary when we remember that Leo governs the Sun, and Cancer governs the Moon in astrological terms, meaning the Sun and Leo resonate at the same frequency, although in different octaves, as so does the Moon and the Cancer constellation.

    Please know that looking at the Sun, even at the time of an eclipse is extremely dangerous and will cause blindness!! You can make sure that till the time of the eclipse you have the right equipment for viewing the eclipse, such as special eclipse sunglasses.

    Much more about the coming Solar Eclipse will be written in the next weeks, so stay tuned.


    solar eclipse


    The Sun and Moon are two astrological oppositions. The Sun symbolizes the aware world, and the ability to willingly lead the chariot of our lives. It is the mature and conscious part of us. The Moon symbolizes all  the  subconscious powers controlling us unaware, leading us against our wishes to all sort of places we did not plan to be in. The Moon also symbolizes softness, intuition, being child-like and femininity, but on its negative side we can find dependence, fears and reactiveness. It will symbolizes things from the past trying to stop us, whether these are habits deriving from our childhood and life experiences, and even from our past-lives’ experiences.

    The time of eclipses is a meeting point between these two worlds that usually do not meet: a time when the conscious and subconscious meet. Also a time when our child-like parts meet the adult parts and so forth. The ancient ones feared this time, in which the lower parts of the human might take over the person’s higher parts. But actually, this can also be a very special time in which that which was unconscious in us, or that which we  were fearful of, can meet our more mature and aware parts, and a healing process and development can occur.

    Astrologically speaking the eclipse season is a time of a meeting point between the past and the future. And a chance for the future to take the lead, instead of falling again into old patterns and traps. This is a time to look into the eye of our own stoppers and our own habits and fears, and instead of falling into the same old loop,  take the lead over our lives and create new pathways of behavior, feelings and understanding.

    Specifically this year the eclipse season is a very crucial and important time. Most of the eclipse season (apart from the actual time of the solar eclipse) will take place when the Sun is in the astrological Realm of Giving (constellation Cancer). This is the Astrological Realm the True Node has just recently entered, presenting the challenges that we will face in the coming year and a half. These challenges will present themselves strongly and clearly during these coming two weeks, for us to recognize them and change our own patterns in order to overcome these challenges. If we do learn the lessons and carve new pathways during the eclipse season, the challenges that we are supposed  to meet in our lives in the coming year and a half will be extremely reduced, since we have already learned the needed lessons.

    In addition – the eclipse season of this year occurs mainly in the astrological Realm of Giving, and this is a huge clue of what all of us need to learn at these times. We all need to learn to see the brilliant diamonds that we own – our talents, qualities, skills, life experience, wisdom and so forth, and learn how to share it with other people… this is a two-stage learning process,  with impact at each stage: the first stage is to see the wealth we already have, and the second stage – to be generous enough in order to willingly share this wealth.


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