• Lucky as Can Be

    Posted on August 23, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    JupiterThis week Jupiter, the planet of Luck and Success, has its annual conjunction with the Sun. As it seems from Earth, Jupiter now is “behind” the Sun, and the alignment of Jupiter-Sun-Earth will be perfect.

    Conjunctions are the occasions when two celestial bodies (or more) are seen by us, from Earth, to be very close to each other, just as we have recently seen Venus and Jupiter.

    A conjunction with the Sun can never be seen by the eye (due to the light of the Sun), nevertheless – this conjunction of Jupiter and the Sun has to be the luckiest conjunction of all !

    The conjunction of these two great celestial bodies: one a star and the other is perhaps on its way to becoming a star due to the way it is expanding in size and also radiating more energy than it receives – is the conjunction of the two positive giants, our two protectors and benefactors.

    The timing of this conjunction is a time of good fortune, much luck and above all – a time for doors opening to allow new beginnings. This week is all about expansion and the opportunity to grow and succeed.

    The Sun is not only the provider of life, it also represents our awareness and inner, everlasting core. Jupiter in conjunction to it represents an opportunity to expand our awareness and have a stronger connection with our inner core and our true beliefs. This is a time of clarity and brightness, expansion and growth.





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