• Lots of Action in the Skies

    Posted on January 10, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts


    There is a lot going on in the skies these days.

    2016 begins with a conjunction between Jupiter and the True Node, a conjunction between Venus and Saturn and a conjunction between the Sun and Pluto. The True Node is also making  its annual shift these days into a new astrological realm. And as if this is not enough – Mercury and Jupiter just began their retrogression periods.

    Oh boy!

    Let’s start to look at each one of these unique astrological combinations and see how they affect our lives…



    Gate-Way to Deep Change

    The True Node, Saturn and Pluto a are all connected to metamorphosis and deep change. These days are much more active because of the celestial bodies that conjunct them – the Sun, Venus and Jupiter. These three conjunctions bring forth   a real opportunity for change, and this goes well with the fact that the Sun is in its last days travelling in the realm of Flexibility – which is also all about CHANGE.

    The kind of change we can go through these days is a deep one and one that our soul wants and needs, because Pluto, Saturn and the True Node all go deep into the understanding that what we experience in our life is but a tip of the iceberg that is  a much deeper, wider accumulation of life experiences, , decisions, challenges and lessons that are the parts  building the larger being that we are. But together with that – the changes are sometimes needed in the “little things”. We can change deeply by changing patterns of thinking, behavior and feelings – and not necessarily by changing our house, work or  spouse. So there is a real gateway here for  inner and significant changes  that we can go through, if this is what we choose.


    The True Node’s Annual Shift

    The shift of the True Node into the Realm of Nobility, after travelling the Realm of Abundance for a year is also significant and it will be opened up here another time,  with the application of this shift to each one of the 12 astrological clans – but in short – it means that after having the  emphasis of lessons and challenges in a certain territory in our lives for a whole year –  the territory now changes and we will need to handle  our challenges  in another arena. But more about that  in the next few weeks.


    Jupiter’s Retrogression

    Jupiter is beginning its annual retrogression. Jupiter’s regressions are common and very long, actually – because of the way it seems from Earth, and the fact that both Earth and Jupiter revolve around the Sun. Jupiter seems from Earth as though it is retrograding for about half a year and moving  directly for the other half. So Jupiter’s retrogression will last till May.


    Jupiter is a wonderful planet that usually tells of luck, success and expansion, but when retrograding it makes things go to extremes and expand beyond what is needed. So during the retrogression we all need to keep  balanced and not to “over do” things in any territory: we might be prone to spending, or not keeping to our diet or find yourselves over-reacting emotionally. Jupiter’s retrogression is not something too bad, you just need to take into account that during the retrogression we need to apply more self-discipline and awareness than usual.


    Mercury’s Retrogression

    And last but not least –  Mercury is having its regular retrogression – going “backwards” as seen from earth. This retrogression will last till January 25th. This time the retrogression period seems to be more aggressive than usual – so please be careful in the way you DRIVE and ACT.

    You can read about the options for personal development during Mercury’s retrogression by clicking here




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