• Life on Other Planets

    Posted on July 26, 2015 by in Astrology Extra

    dolphinIsn’t it amazing that in such proximity to the time that Pluto was touched by the New Horizon – real and broad new horizons open up now to the possibility of life in other solar systems?

    Pluto was at the farthest and unknown periphery of our solar system. New Horizon was sent to it 9 years ago. During this time scientists have already discovered that Pluto is not the most distant celestial body in our solar system. There are several trans-Neptunian bodies (13 discovered till now), two of them the  size of  actual planets.

    So it seems that as we try to get closer to the future, the future expands; or phrased another way – as we try to touch the unknown – the unknown just spreads more and more beyond our scope.

    I  think the fact that we have “reached” Pluto has everything to do with our ability to start to realize that there is life in other solar systems as well – for by touching Pluto the human race might have expanded the edge of its awareness.


    So – life on other planets in the universe?

    Why not, actually?

    If we think that around most of the stars we see at night there are whole solar systems – the spectrum and expression and result of these lights in the form of planets,  it is most natural to believe that there will be life somewhere around these stars.

    If everything works by the same grids and laws,  above as well as below, if we realize that there are no “flukes” or accidents, but there is a godly covenant that makes life and change in the universe possible – then how can we not think that there is more life on other planets, giving expression that we can connect  – for it is of our level – to the stars?


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