• Leo – the King

    Posted on October 7, 2013 by in Astrology Extra

    Leo signElement: fire

    Fixed sign

    Numerology: 5

    Ruler: sun

    The lion is the undisputed king of the jungle. People whose sign is Leo are like the lion – noble, royal, dominant and charismatic. Leos love ruling and leading, and of course – it is important that everyone knows who is the king, and honor him…

    Just as the lion lets the lioness do all the hard hunting work, Leos tend to a pleasant hedonistic indolence, yet what is amazing is that they don’t have to make any effort – even if they do nothing they still are “the life of the jungle party”.

    Each astrological sign is associated with a planet. Leo is associated with no other then the Sun – the queen of the sky. Leos, like the sun, will always be in the center of things; and just like the sun they are a magnet that pulls everyone. As the Sun is a source of life, Leos are abundant with warmth and energy to those surroundings them.

    Leos are leaders. They can take under their wings a large group of people, lead and guide them with warmth and wisdom. They have many abilities and their authority is unshakable. Their weak point is they always want to receive appreciation and recognition for their deeds; and it is always questioned whether they took the project for the sake of the project or for the sake of glorifying and exalting their names.

    When we speak in astrology about Leo one of the words that come up is “ego”, a word that has become sort of a dirty word lately. In fact the great confidence Leos have, their “thinking big” and their fearlessness, are the things that brings these people to their achievements and abilities, and these characteristics are the source of their charisma. Actually we could all learn from the men and women of Leo a lesson about self-confidence.

    Leo children will radiate self confidence, they will have a dramatic sense and theatricality. They will bravely express their emotions (the good ones as well as the less good ones). As parents allow a space for their self expression, and remember they like to give orders, but they do not want to take orders from others…

    (Picture – Leo card from the Holistic Astrological Card Deck by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby)


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