astrology course

The style is clear and Karni’s love of the subject comes through.

I also found it so refreshing that she asks us to look at the sky, to get to know where the sun, moon and planets rise and set as we see them from our part of planet Earth.

Thank you for an inspiring and straightforward introduction to an enormous subject.”

Hermione, October 2015

I have now been learning astrology with Karni Zor for about 6 months, and I have loved every moment of it.

The lessons are truly inspirational and complex subjects are explained in a clear way.

It is truly a journey of new discovery all the time, very exciting and very practical too.

I love the way of the course where new insights and understandings get introduced every week, it is a bit like getting a freshly coloured thread of a tapestry and not quite knowing where and how it will fit – and then, taking a step back, suddenly realizing how much more I can see now, how a pattern is starting to emerge.

Not least, the New Astrology presented takes astrology to a whole different level and I have to admit; I don’t look at the skies in quite the same way any more”. 

Eir, March 2016


A Comprehensive On-Line Astrology Course

with Karni Zor




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Discovering astrology with Karni Zor is a real adventure and great fun!

You are taken through the Zodiac and the celestial bodies in a very understandable, throughout  and clear way.

The course on video enables you to see  lots of pictures and  symbols. And this, together with the many examples make the whole course very alive and attractive.

It makes you wonder about the mysteries and depths behind the Stars. A whole world is opening up ! It is very inspiring and just gives you the desire to play with it.”              Inyes, October 2015


As long as I can remember, I feel a passion for and have a keen interest in the subject of Astrology. When Karni announced the course, about 9 months ago, I felt a spark of fire and thought. Yes! this is the way for me to finally start to deepen this domain.

I love how the course is presented, its way and style, rich, clean and clear.

It is very inviting and offers ways of working on a practical and basic note, applicable in many ways. With for example subjects like the natural laws, world history and symbolism. All very fascinating!

And next to that the insights that the New Astrology offers, a journey of opening and deepening new levels of learning and discovery.

I feel very inspired, because for me this opening up and shedding a new light on the realization; how unique each individual human blueprint is!

A wondrous journey, it’s like riding on a magic carpet weaved from many, many colorful threads, sparkled of by stardust;

the stars don’t feel so far away anymore…

Thank you Karni for sharing your love and inspiration!”

                                                                                    Ineke, April 2016



The comprehensive on-line course is conceived of 35 video tutorials, about 40 minutes each – videos to view on your own time, as many times as needed.

These lessons, made by Karni Zor, will take you through the whole journey, from getting to know Astrology from scratch and onto reading a chart and composite charts, interpreting the celestial bodies’ affect and giving an in-depth personality reading according to the client’s time of birth.

You can take the whole course  – or the part of your interest – and begin any time !