• Jupiter, Venus and Mars in Conjunction!

    Posted on October 25, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    P1120139These days beautiful and rare site of the three planes: Jupiter, Venus and Mars, all very close to one another – is visible for those waking up in the early morning.

    And for those not able to see it – due to timing or weather – a picture is attached…


    This triple conjunction is very rare and extremely good!


    Venus and Mars meet Once a year, so does Venus and Jupiter, Mars and Jupiter meet once every two or three year – but the unique opportunity to find them all together! Oh… I have actually checked and did not find the last time such an occasion occurred!


    We have followed the last meeting between Venus and Jupiter in the evening skies recently – with pictures of the beautiful site all over the media – but now it happens again, this time in the East, an hour before sunrise.

    We have followed the interaction between Venus and Mars as well – and saw how rare was the fact that this year they meet not once – but three times! And now – as noted – this triple conjunction!!! Ahhh!!! Heartwarming to all astronomy and astrology fans… pure pleasure!


    By the way – the fact that Venus conjuncts with Jupiter twice this year, and with Mars three times  has to do with Venus’ retrogression that made her go back and then repeat her course and re-unite with the planet she have already met a few weeks before.


    So – what does this triple conjunction mean?

    Oh – many wonderful things!

    Venus and Mars are the mythological couple and their conjunction calls for love, passion and creativity. Jupiter, which in some mythologies is also Venus’ father, is the planet of luck and success.

    This unique combination allows us to bring forth our passion and loves, not only the romantic ones – but also what we love to do and are  passionate about. It allows us to be both inspirational and practical, and due to Jupiter it allows things we create these days to go out into the world in a most successful way. Jupiter opens doors and also marks that what we start these days will have a long-lasting and continuing affect.

    This is a blessed time. and actually it is as if the skies are giving us another chance to complete whatever we had started during the previous conjunctions – but now it seems there is everything needed for things to JUST SUCCEED!



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