• Jupiter-Sun Conjunction on Wednesday

    Posted on July 20, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    On Wednesday (July 24th) the Sun and Jupiter will have their annual conjunction.

    As it seems from Earth, Jupiter now is “behind the sun”, and on Wednesday the alignment of Jupiter-Sun-Earth will be perfect.

    For those who follow the skies – you may have noticed that for the last few months Jupiter has risen each day more and more to the west, getting closer and closer to the Sun. Lately it has disappeared out of our scope completely as it got too close to the sun for us to see, and as said before, on Wednesday it will be directly behind the sun.

    Conjunctions are the occasion of two celestial bodies seeming to us from earth to be very close to each other. We can see now, for example, Mars is in conjunction to Spika (brightest star of the Virgo constellation) in the night skies and in about a month Mars will conjunct Saturn in a most visible way. Sun-Planet conjunctions are obviously something we cannot see (due to the sun light).

    When we look at the skies we have to remember planets and stars are not really close to each-other, but are usually millions and millions of kilometers apart. But what matters in relation to their  frequencies radiating to earh, is this special alignment that is created between them and earth.

    The Jupiter-Sun conjunction happens once a year, and each year in the following astrological realm.

    Astrologically speaking this conjunction between the Sun, that represents our awareness ,and Jupiter -that represents expansion – is a real opportunity to expand our awareness. This is a time of clarity and radiance as we can reach places in ourselves we have never reached before.

    Classically this conjunction  tells of times of good fortune, luck and new beginnings, and I’m all for that! But I would add  that this is also a time of expanded awareness, expanded brilliancy and a time that enables good things to radiate to their full potential. Luck and good fortune will be able to enter our life, if we grow and expand enough to reach it…


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