• Jupiter Retrogrades

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    JupiterJupiter, planet of Good Fortune, is now entering its yearly retrogression period that will last until April 8th 2015.

    Jupiter, also known as the Greek God – Zeus, head of the Pantheon, is usually the most fortunate point in one’s personal astrological chart. Jupiter is usually all about growth and expansion, with a great wind at our back that pushes us to move forward.

    But – this all flies out  the window the minute Jupiter moves into its retrogression – for Zeus/Jupiter is also the “moody” God, holding the lightning bolt in his hand, ready to aim his rage at those who disobey his command.

    When Jupiter retrogrades we meet its “dark” side, which will be pushing everything to extremes and exaggeration, making it difficult to keep things under control.

    Jupiter, as all of the distant planets of our solar system, looks to us, from Earth, as though it is going in the opposite direction in the skies for a few months each year.

    This, of course, has nothing to do with the actuality of Jupiter’s route around the Sun, which continues to be anti-clockwise as all planets, but has to do with our personal and earthly perspective of this course.

    For us it would seem that all planets have a continuing west-to-east course during the year. This course is shown in the constellations of the Zodiac, moving slowly from Sign to Sign. When a planet retrogrades it would appear from Earth as though it goes in the opposite direction – from east to south, and backwards on the Zodiac.

    In this specific retrogression Jupiter has almost reached the end of Cancer, and now moves back to reach the middle of Cancer in April (where “normally” it would continue to Leo).

    By the way – the monthly/yearly route of the planets should not be confused with the daily movement of the stars in the skies, occurring each night – which is the result of Earth’s own daily rotation around its axis.

    Even though the retrogression is our own subjective earthly view of things, the clash between the clockwise and anti clock-wise movements still has its huge affect upon us.

    While now is the time that Jupiter may push us to extremes – this is a time for us to practice modesty, limits and balances; a time to learn how not to get carried away or to exaggerate things.

    In addition – each one of the astrological tribes will be affected by a different influence, with a lesson to go through, according to the astrological realm and Jupiter’s specific position:


    Jupiter’s Affect upon your Astrological Clan, till April 8th 2015

    The Lake – For those Born Between March 14 – April 12

    This is a time where there may be an exaggerated preoccupation with one’s self. You might be looking at yourself too much, in a way that makes you lose the bigger picture, not paying enough attention to other people and missing some important events. This is a wonderful time to express yourself, find yourself and do what you love. But this has to be within limits. You need to balance your ego with the ability to see other people and other things and put them into your considerations. An Astrological Card to meditate upon in order to find the right balance between expressing yourself and not losing the bigger picture: Self-Expression.


    The Flame – For those Born Between April 13 – May 13

    You need to pay attention to family matters that are gushing and rushing now more than usual. It seems that things cannot be ignored or pushed aside. If there are issues, if there are hurt emotions or misunderstandings – they will all pop up at this time in order for you to deal with. Yet – it is important to know how to balance the amount of time and attention you give your family members, with time you give to yourself – in order for you to rest and regain energy. An Astrological Card to meditate upon: Family.


    The Key – For those Born Between May 14 – June 14

    In the last few months things to do with communication seem to be on the right course. You might find yourself more social and less shy. Which is great! But now another step is needed on the journey of learning about proper communication – and this is the knowledge of what to say and what to keep to yourself. This is the time to mind what you say, and how, and to whom. If you have a business you will need to find the right balance between marketing it and not pushing too hard. And in your personal conversations, try to stick to facts and try not to get pulled into gossip. An Astrological Card to meditate upon: Communication.


    Exchange – For those Born Between June 15 – July 15

    In the last few months you have moved  forward fast, and now it seems you have reached the point in which it is important to learn how to stop from time to time and how to balance yourself. This is the time to learn how to separate between the important things and those things you can say no to. It is important to find the right balance between doing and letting go. Exaggerated doing will not have good results at this time. Please pay attention to financial matters as well – for the tendency to exaggerate can make you spend too much money! An Astrological Card to meditate upon: The Tangible (2nd House).


    Giving – For those Born Between July 16 – August 15

    Jupiter is retrograding in your own astrological realm. It started not long ago and will continue till April 8th 2015. This is the time when Jupiter shows its “dark” side. It can push you to extremes, exaggerate everything.It seems that every unfortunate tendency you have in your birth chart gets exaggerated and almost cannot be controlled. It is important to know how not to exaggerate and how not to go to extremes. Self-control is really important at this time. You may also want to work on balance – for sometimes the thing itself is not the problem – it is only the exaggeration that makes things problematic. You will have to watch your diet, watch your thinking patterns, your emotional reactions – everything! And especially those things that you know  can take control over you! This is a great time for building your character and working hard towards sticking to that which you have chosen to be a part of your life, pushing aside thing that do not fit. An Astrological Card to meditate upon in order to connect to Jupiter’s bright side, and not its dark one –  Jupiter.


    Nobility – For those Born Between August 16 – Sept 15

    Jupiter’s location moves and stirs up your unconscious. You might be really inspired these days, filled with imagination and vivid dreams. You might feel spiritually connected. The misfortunate side of this stirring is that things are starting to rise up from your subconscious to your conscious – and this may raise up fears and long-forgotten memories as well.  The best way to look at this is as a cleaning process that happens now. Do not be frightened by what comes up, for it appears just before getting out of your system. Say farewell to that which now appears and allow it to leave without a fuss. An Astrological Card to meditate upon in order to clean things from the subconscious: The Moon.


    Abundance – For those Born Between Sept 16 – October 16

    It seems that your vocation and your path towards fulfilling it, are now prominent in your life. Yet it is important to take the path at the right pace, not hurrying or rushing things. It is also important not to attempt  too many steps too quickly, for things that are done in an unbalanced way will not last long. Try to see what needs to be done and what should wait for later. Make sure you are building a steady tower and that you invest time and effort in its foundations. It is not about being quick – it is about building things that are long-lasting. An Astrological Card to meditate upon: The Vocation.


    Creation – For those Born Between October 17- Nov 14

    Work requires so much effort and it seems you do not have the time even to take a breath between your chores. There are many projects and duties, chores to take care of and a lot of management to be done. It is important to continue working, but not to exaggerate. You need to find your balance, take time for yourself and rest – and not allow your work to consume you. There is more to life than work, and you need to remember that from time to time… An Astrological Card to meditate upon in order to find the right balance in your work: Work and Career.


    The Gate – For those Born Between November 15 – December 14

    If you could – you would probably rest the whole day long. Something in you wants its freedom: the freedom to be without any commitments, the freedom to go after your heart, the freedom to explore and learn. It is true that one needs to have time for one’s self and that freedom is important, but it seems that something in you really want to push away any conformity, duty or fixed schedule – and this exaggeration might hurt you eventually. You need to find the right balance between doing what needs to be done and between being free. An Astrological Card to meditate upon in order to feel the freedom while doing your routine chores : Expanding Horizons (9th House).


    Flexibility – For those Born Between December 15 – January 13

    This is a time of vivid imagination and vivid dreams. Your spiritual path is “on fire”. If it was up to you – you would sit and meditate the whole day long. You need time to be with yourself and with your inspiration. But as it happens – life needs your grounded side as well. Your lesson for this time is to find the balance between your spiritual course and the practicalities of daily life. Finding the time for each part, and not getting carried away by  spirituality in a way that neglects the routine. An Astrological Card to meditate upon in order to be more grounded: The Tangible (2nd House).


    The Diamond – For those Born Between January 14 – February 12.

    These are very intense times, and it seems that the intensity starts to have its price. Many things want to happen – people, events, ideas – but it is important to know how to say to some of these happenings – “No”. Life wants to carry you in many directions, many things want your attention – and you need to find your steady core and know how not to drift away from your self-chosen path. An Astrological Card to meditate upon in order to be able to negate: Saturn.


    The Waterfall – For those Born Between February 13 – March 13

    Jupiter is now in its yearly retrogression in your astrological House of Health. Its retrogression will last till April 8th 2015. During this time it is important to take care of your health and not to neglect things. Jupiter helps to raise things that were dormant, so if there is something going on – it will let you know about it. If some health issue arise – thank them for letting them show themselves, and then take the proper care of things, as you allow them to leave. Remember that it is better to have things coming out, than them staying dormant and slowly developing without you knowing about them… An Astrological Card to meditate upon: The House of Health and Balance (6th House).


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