• Jupiter – Planet of Good Fortune

    Posted on March 9, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    JupiterJupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun, biggest planet in our solar system and the only one that radiates more energy than it receives from the Sun (and therefore on its way to someday becoming a sun itself…)

    In astrology it is known as the planet of good fortune and expansion.

    Jupiter moves slowly in the sky, traveling the astrological realms, shifting through one realm per year.

    (Much slower than the Sun, Venus and Mercury that shift through a realm every month! )

    During the year there are long periods of time in which from Earth it would seem it travels backwards.

    Every year Jupiter lightens another section of our life, also known as an “Astrological House” – whether it  be the House of Marriage, House of Health, House of Career and so on.

    As Jupiter travels “forward” this territory (“House”) in a person’s life will become wider, expand and grow, will have  good fortune in it and be open to new beginnings.

    Jupiter has just come out of a long retrogression period and will now travel forward in the Realm of Flow (where the constellation of Gemini resides) till June.

    Jupiter can be seen clearly in the evening skies these days, just near the two bright stars of the Gemini constellation, and those of you following it can see a change from evening to evening, as Jupiter travels the astrological realm to the east, passing through the Twins and reaching the Cancer constellation by the beginning of June.


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