• SPECIAL FORECAST – Jupiter’s Positive Affect Upon you – Until April 2015!

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    Jupiter Astrological CardJupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun, the biggest planet in our solar system and the only one that radiates more energy than it receives from the Sun, and therefore on its way to someday becoming a sun itself…

    In astrology it is known as the planet of good fortune and expansion.

    Jupiter moves slowly in the sky, traveling the astrological realms, shifting through one realm per year.  So its entering a new astrological realm is quite a happening!

    Every year, as it shifts realms, Jupiter lightens another section of our life, also known as an “Astrological House” – whether it would be the House of Marriage, House of Health, House of Career and so forth.

    As Jupiter travels this territory in a person’s astrological chart, life will become wider, expand and grow,  have good fortune in it and be prone to new beginnings.

    Jupiter now enters the astrological realm of “Giving” (constellation Cancer), and will have a different effect upon each of the astrological tribes.

    (Picture: Jupiter astrological card, from the Holistic Astrological Cards by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby).


    The following forecast will demonstrate how Jupiter’s good fortune will affect your life, until April 2015:


    The Lake – For those born Between March 14 – April 12

    Jupiter in its current location allows you to connect to life’s joys and happiness. Now and till April 2015, you will be able to put yourself back in the center of your own life. Your self-esteem and confidence will be fortified. Take time for doing what you love to do – your hobbies and passions. Allow yourself to celebrate life and understand that rejoicing life is also important, just as doing your chores or handling your responsibilities.

    This is going to be a very good time for artists, a time with a lot of inspiration and maybe even fame!



    The Flame – For those Born Between April 13 – May 13

    Jupiter, planet of good fortune will travel your House of Family until May 2015. This location has to do with success and expansion, with family, kids and relationships  between you and your closest relatives. This time is likely to be a time of expansion for the family – may it be a new baby coming into the family, a marriage or other happy occasions.

    This is also a good time for everything to do with your emotions:  with the ability to really express your emotions and let your inner child play freely!


    The Key – For those Born Between May 14 – June 14

    Due to Jupiter entering your astrological House of Communication – everything to do with communication, inter-relations, thinking and speech will be blessed until April 2015. Your ability to think, learn and express yourself will expand and there is going to be success with marketing and publicity. If you own your own business this will be the time to work on advertisement and expansion of your market.

    Your circle of friends is going to expand, you will meet new friends, give socializing more time and have better and easier relationships with the people who surround you.

    Flow – For those Born Between June 15 – July 15

    Now and till April 2015 Jupiter is travelling in your House of Money – what a great house for Jupiter, planet of success, to visit in! This is a good period for matters such as money and property: Good fortune to do with cash and finances. This can be the right time to buy a house or move into a new house if you are looking to re-locate, or a time to expand the house you already live in.

    If you have your own business you may see it expand and grow now!


    Giving – For those Born Between July 16 – August 15

    Jupiter is going to travel your own astrological realm for the next year and till April 2015. This means a special, blessed time with good fortune and the ability to grow and expand. During these months many special and good coincidences will happen to you and there will be a touch of luck and success to all that you do. This is a time of growth, a time of new beginnings and a time of development.

    Jupiter allows your true self to expand and radiate fully.

    This good fortune shows itself only every 12-13 years, so use this time wisely, fill yourself with the optimism and light Jupiter brings with it and allow success find you, by being open to it!


    The Swan – For those Born Between August 16 – Sept 15

    Jupiter works on you internally. You are heading towards a year (till April 2015) of personal development, spiritual quest and many insights about who you actually are – diving in to the wonders of your own soul. Things that were hidden or buried inside about your self are now going to reveal themselves. Whilst showing themselves, wounds may be opened, or fears might appear – but being aware of all this actually allows you to take care of these things, once hidden, and heal them once and for all.

    This is going to be a very successful time for those inclined to art or spirituality, with the ability to publish your inspiring work.


     Abundance – For those Born Between Sept 16 – October 16

    Jupiter now travels your House of Vocation – and this is a most significant place for Jupiter to visit. Jupiter allows you until April 2015 to make meaningful progress climbing the mountain of your vocation.

    If your Vocation is not clear for you yet – this is going to be a time of revelations that will allow you clearer insights about your true path.

    If your vocation is clear for you – this is a time of success and expansion. Your abilities will grow and so will the number of people you touch practicing your vocation.


     Creation – For those Born Between October 17- Nov 14

    Jupiter is travelling your House of Work. Now and till April 2015 is going to be a time of real breakthroughs  concerning your career. Jupiter’s location enables new beginnings and new opportunities to do with your work and workplace, as well as many small and big coincidences that enable you to leap forward with expansion and success.

    If you are waiting to start a new job – this is the time to successfully begin. If you are already working in the right place for you – this is the time of advancement and growth. If you have your own business – this is the time for your business to grow and reach many more people.


    The Gate – For those Born Between November 15 – December 14

    Jupiter has a very positive effect upon you until April 2015. This is a successful time for all of you who study or teach; a time for journeys and travelling; a time of expansion and growth in every subject, and a very optimistic time when the stars are shining down on you; a time for success and good fortune to lead the way.


    The Dolphin – For those Born Between December 15 – January 13

    Jupiter now enables you ( until April 2015) to reconnect with your true inner powers, abilities and strengths. Jupiter is going to assist with your spiritual journey. Your inner worlds will expand, and there will be more spiritual moments, more insights and connections.

    This is also going to be a time of expanding your emotional faculties, allowing yourself to feel deeper, to better connect to the people who are close to you, and to expand your emotional range.


    The Diamond – For those Born Between January 14 – February 12

    Jupiter enables you to go out into the world and have a very successful meeting with it! It seems that things that have “cooked” slowly inside of you during the last few years come to the point where they can finally find their way out into the world. This is going to be a time of expansion and success, with new beginnings knocking on the door, continuing till April 2015.

    The territory of love and marriage becomes prominent now as well. This is a good time to start a relationship for those who want that, and a good time to refresh and heal your current relationship – for those already in one.


     The Waterfall – For those Born Between February 13 – March 13

    Jupiter travels now and till April 2015 in your astrological House of Daily Maintenance and Health. Its affect will mainly be upon everyday’s little details and arrangements.  This is going to be a time filled with arrangements and chores. It might sound a bit boring, but this actually very important as a time to build steady foundations. Take the coming time for managing your life, and work on finding the balance inside the frame of what already is.

    Take the time also to deal with your health. Give it the time and treatment it needs in order to keep you well.


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