• Jupiter and Mars Conjunct – Can We and the World Avoid Explosions?

    Posted on October 11, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    solar systemThese days the early morning skies are a spectacular view. If you rise early, an hour before Sunrise, you’ll see in the skies many of the astrological players: Jupiter – the planet of Luck and Success, that also expands everything that gets in its way, Mars – planet of War and Action, the beautiful Venus – now in her place as the glorious morning star, and even Mercury seen in the morning skies. This is extraordinary – as these are extraordinary times. Only Saturn is not seen in the morning (we see it during the evening ) amongst all the planets of our solar system visible to the eye.

    Each of the planets is advancing through the Zodiac at its own pace. Jupiter – the slowest –  takes  a whole year to move one astrological sign, Mars is much quicker – it travels an astrological sign every two and a half months or so, and Venus and Mercury are the fastest – shifting from sign to sign about every month.

    Last week I  elaborated on the coming conjunction of Venus and Mars, and this week we’ll pay attention to the fact that Mars in now also getting closer and closer to Jupiter, a conjunction that will be at its peak on October 17 and affects us already.


    MarsEvery celestial body has its positive aspects and its negative aspects, giving us options, creating cosmic doorways and challenging us.

    Our personal developmental quest is to cling to the positive possibilities that unfold with the celestial dance, and avoiding the traps of the lower aspects of Mars – which await us.

    The problem with Mars is that its negative aspect is really bad (being the God of War).

    Whatever Jupiter conjuncts to – it activates, enlarges and exaggerates. So while getting close to Jupiter, Mars unfolds two options before us, both to do with loads of energy and this energy wanting to get out – for this is what Mars is all about, as we can tell from its symbol.

    The elevated option has to do with the ability to begin new projects and to have lots energy in order to go out into the world with our project.. This is a great time to begin a new job or expand whatever it is we do now: a time of luck and success in setting goals and achieving them.

    The lower aspect has to do with an explosion of energy in an aggressive and belligerent way – for Mars now, more than ever, can cause horrific damage.

    And these explosions may appear in many forms, inside of us or in global dimensions. So anger, rage and hate are in abundance these days, sadly. But together with that there’s the higher option of really doing good things and moving forward with productive and creative actions. It is as though whatever we choose to do will be accomplished – and even in a bigger way than we planned (because of Jupiter). And the question that we should ask ourselves is – what  is it we want to do? For if WE do not decide – the energy will just explode out of us, and probably not in a nice way…

    The situation in the world is mainly depicting Mars’ and Jupiter’s conjunction’s lower aspects. And the question arises is: how can I, WE, the ‘little” people, affect what is going on in the world?

    The answer is by cultivating Mars’ energy inside of us and practice clinging to the higher possibilities in the little events of our lives.

    By choosing not to get upset, not to fight and hate – but instead finding something useful to do or create – we are presenting in small doses to the world (and the planets), another option rather than the obvious and destructive one.

    And bit by bit, together, we can make this alternative option – the good one – have more influence in the world, till IT becomes the obvious option…

    So – what do we choose to enlarge in us, and in the world, during this Mars and Jupiter conjunction?


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