• January 1st 2014 – Special Star Formation

    Posted on December 29, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    When I made January 1st‘s astrological chart I was amazed by the special form the planets took in the skies at the very first day of the New Year.

    In a most un-likely way almost all the planets of our solar system, together with the Sun and Moon join up to make a perfect square!

    The first day of the year is like the birth of the year, and it holds in it the potency of the full astrological cycle that will follow it. Just as a person’s birth chart can tell us a lot about their character – the chart of the first day of the year can reveal the nature of the coming year.

    An astrological square is a very powerful form. In a chart it will speak of much strength and power but will also speak of difficulties and lessons to learn that will enable us to use this abundant power in a constructive way. An astrological square is a challenging figure, with many opposing powers that are almost struggling with each other, each pulling in a different direction, but the secret for using this massive energy of conflict in a productive way would be the ability to combine the different poles, and get the different forces at play working TOGETHER, instead of one against the other.

    And in short it seems that this is what will be needed in the coming year – both globally and personally – the ability to combine different parties and wills to a joint endeavor.

    World-wide the square would symbolize the need for cooperation between nations, states, governments and groups, so that different agendas do not collide, but find the way to support each other.

    In the personal view it will mean to find the different parts of us that want to pull us in different directions, and try to see how we can combine our intuition, logic, practicality and so on for achieving our goals, instead of been torn apart  from the different directions the different lives in us need to take.


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