• How Things Should Look in a Healthy, Connected Natural World

    Posted on October 3, 2013 by in Astrology and Development

    The Zodiac’s Natural Path

    Aries – the child is born with its full potential

    Taurus – the child’s basic needs are taken care of

    Gemini – the child acquires friends, broaden its references

    Cancer – the child collects positive emotional experiences from its family or tribe

    Leo – the young person gets to radiate fully his light and express his god-given talents

    Virgo – the person learns how to self-maintain

    Libra – the person now can share its life in mutuality with other people, find love

    Scorpio – the person gets acquainted with the spiritual world and starts its own quest.

    Sagittarius – the person takes time to learn, expand its horizons and search for truth.

    Capricorn – the grown up chooses a path of commitment on the way to manifest its true destiny.

    Aquarius – the adult fulfills its vocation and gives to others from what he had learned.

    Pisces – the essence of a person’s life is so strong – it will remain ever after as a possibility for other people to reach…


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