• How can Mercury’s Retro Help our Personal Development

    Posted on December 9, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts, Astrology and Development

    Here it’s happening again… Mercury, planet of communication and thought is retrograding. We know the drill: our computers collapse, important files get lost, misunderstandings…

    But what is the higher meaning of this retrogression, and how can we use it for our development?

    Mercury’s retrogression is quite a common thing: once every 3 months or so, it seems to us, from earth, as if Mercury’s going in the wrong direction. This is just an optical illusion, Mercury, as every planet, never really goes backwards, but the effect of this illusion is real, and it lasts each time for about 3 weeks (the length of the retrogression).

    Some astrologist will say that while Mercury’s retrograding we shouldn’t sign contracts or begin new things. But actually Mercury’s retro is not only less bad than its reputation, but also –  can be used  as an opportunity for personal development.

    Every celestial body has an effect and control upon us, until we do some development work!

    Without awareness and development we are subdued to the celestial dance. But with some awareness we can turn the whole cycle the other way and can use the universal movement for learning and developing. In this way the planets do not control us, but help facilitate the developments of our choice.

    Mercury is a very small and quick planet – and therefore it is the easiest to “tame” – meaning – easiest to stop being controlled by its moves, and easiest to use as a tool for our development.

    Try, for example, to get rid of Pluto’s control over you and you quickly find out it’s a matter of a lifetime of learning!

    Mercury’s code can be figured out and resolved by 2 or 3 periods of retrogression, if we manage these periods wisely and go through them with full awareness.

    How Do We Get Rid of Mercury’s Hold Upon Us?

    Mercury’s retrogression should be dealt firstly with a lot of patience!

    Usually thought and communication are our fastest tools.

    Our brain should be quick and accurate. During Mercury’s retrogression we will have to understand that this “quick route” is now clogged. We have to accept that what we say can come out awkwardly and what we think might be mistaken. We have to take more time to listen to others, and more attention to explaining ourselves.

    We have to take  the right measures to avoid mistakes – make sure we read the small letters, double check the timings and backup of our computer – this will teach us about responsibility. And yet – as mistakes do happen we have to learn to take them with understanding and not get too upset about them.

    In Mercury’s retro we might find out there are other channels apart from thinking and speaking that can be used now – routes less visited, such as intuition, imagination and feelings, as well as “just doing” instead of over-thinking things.

    Mercury’s time of retrogression  can also be a good time to re-think things we said or thought during the last few months…

    After a few retrogression periods, in which instead of being subjected to Mercury’s effect, we can pass through with full  awareness – we might thus learn Mercury’s true lesson.

    When we find ourselves smiling instead of cursing when our cellular phone drops dead, it might be a sign that Mercury does not have a hold upon us anymore. From that day onwards we will also not really feel the retrogressions and can continue our lives as usual while the planet goes “the wrong way”.


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