• Healing Time and Time for Healers

    Posted on August 10, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    4cdea21cd737ff5f99424c78e2645e435The planets this week are supporting well-needed and long-needed healing processes and encouraging those with healing powers to go out into the world and practice these abilities,  helping other people.

    The Sun in the realm of Giving is allowing us to safely release our emotions and by that to cleanse ourselves and our cells from hurtful memories. But this does not happen by itself – it needs us to make the move, do the healing.

    Chiron – planet of Healing is based in the realm of the Waterfall for quite a while now, together with the planet Neptune that has everything to do with our spiritual and inspirational path. This is the time for all those with healing abilities to start to pour out these powers, just as the Waterfall does –  to those who are thirsty for it and need it.

    Chiron and Neptune have been in the Waterfall realm for a few years now, but these days, with the help of other planets – comes the time of making healing powers accessible and practical.

    This is the time to realize that your healing abilities are not just a “hobby’ or a luxury – they are something needed by the world, and you need to do whatever is needed to raise  these abilities and start practicing them.

    It is not about you or your ego – it is about the great need that is rising in the world for healing these days.


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