• Heading towards the June 21st Solstice

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    clouds-808748_640June 21st is one of the four cosmic dates connected to the journey of our blue princess’s (Earth’s) journey around her father, the Sun.

    During its spiraling journey (spiraling because the Sun itself revolves around the center of the Milky Way) the planet goes through four special and crucial points: the two equinoxes and the two solstices. Each one of these four special days is the first day of a new season and holds in it a special cosmic opportunity.

    solsticeMany cultures have  traditionally chosen to celebrate these special days, and many holidays we celebrate today, such as Christmas and Easter, Hanukkah and Passover and more –  are the remains of traditions, pointing out the four natural cosmic gateways of the year.

    The June 21st Solstice marks the beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere of our globe.

    The Solstice is the day when planet Earth reaches one of its furthest points in its journey, reaching the extreme in its pendulum-like movement around the Sun It touches the far end of the ellipse it creates (if we look at it two dimensionally), and becomes obligated to start heading back to a more balanced point on its celestial see-saw.


    June 21st is the longest day in the North, and the shortest in the South; a day that marks a shift. Starting on the 22nd of June – the Sun will seem to stand still in the skies for 5 days, and only then will start travelling back south (as it seems from Earth, of-course), allowing the days and nights to become more and more balanced.

    The Key by Karni ZorDuring these days Orion, the giant, disappears from the night’s skies. The beloved and prominent Orion constellation is very close to the Taurus constellation, and during these days, as the days of the realm of the Key are done, Taurus and Orion are behind the Sun. They will soon appear in the early morning’s skies, but will not be seen again in the evening till winter’s time.  There are many myths depicting the death and resurrection of a mighty god, starting with the resurrection of the Egyptian god Osiris, continuing with the Mesopotamian Damuzi (Tamuz) and continuing even to the story of Jesus Christ, who will rise again around the dates of December 21st ‘s solstice. They all originate from the celestial view that changes with the seasons.


    To us – this point can mark the reaching of a peak, a very extreme point. Here in the Northern hemisphere we mark the end of spring. And as we are heading towards summer we can decide what of all that has blossomed in our garden during springtime, we want to follow up to full ripeness. Meaning  –  to look at what we have created and what has happened during the last 3 months, and to differentiate between the good and the bad. We can leave behind that which we do not want to grow in our lives – , and start to give a warm home and nourishment to those things that have started and we  want to see blossoming and becoming ripe in the future.

    In the Southern hemisphere – this special day marks the possible triumph of light over darkness – as from now, in the south of our globe, the days will become longer and longer and brighter and brighter, again – giving us the opportunity to leave that which does not serve us well – in the past, and to head forwards with that which we do want to see in the world and within us.


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