• Heading Towards the Equinox

    Posted on September 13, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    equinoxWe are heading towards one of the 4 ancient natural doorways created due to Earth’s journey around the Sun.

    The astrological calendar marks 4 important gate-ways during the year that have to do with Earth’s path around the Sun. These are the 4 turning-points that are the endorsement of a new season: The Spring and the Fall Equinoxes, which mark the time the Sun is exactly above Earth’s Equator and the summer and winter solstices.

    StonehengeAll ancient cultures used the solar calendar intuitively as they followed the shifts in nature and hence many holidays, celebrations and festivals mark these days. The pagans actually had this natural wisdom in them – to be aware of nature and the gateway it offers for human kind, but later on as time advanced the true understanding of these gateways was lost.

    Today some of us celebrate these special times without even knowing their special meaning: Passover and Easter around the spring Equinox (in the north), December’s solstice celebrated by Christmas and Hanukkah and more, and during these days the Jews celebrate the beginning of their new year.

    All 4 cosmic dates are a great time for shifting and changing, as Earth changes its course towards the Sun and the Sun’s influence upon Earth takes another angle.
    On September 22nd the Sun will rise exactly above the equator and the hours of light will be equal to the hours of dark, worldwide. Shortly after this unique timing of perfect balance, Earth’s rotation and tilt will cause each polarity to go to its extreme –  in the North – winter and darkness will prevail, and in the Southern hemisphere we will witness the dawn of spring and later on summer.


    This unique and special time of the equinox, the time when daylight hours and the hours of the night are equal all over the world, enables us all to re-balance our selves. As the world is in balance, we too can try to work on our inner-balance during this special time.

    The ancients knew that this special time of balance between light and dark, between the rule of the Sun and rule of the Moon, is not only a place of perfect balance, but also a gateway between two worlds that usually do not mix: the feminine world and the masculine, the logical world and the intuitive one, the world of silver and the world of gold.

    So – for us, this beautiful time of in-between seasons can be a time for balance and healing. A time of collaboration between worlds which don’t usually meet.

    This is the time  to mark a new beginning and a changing-point within our lives, leaving that which is no longer needed – behind – and facing the future.

    May we find the time and ways to connect to the natural balance and healing that are possible these days. And may we find calmness and healing, even if around us the events present themselves as chaotic and startling. These special days, let’s wish for our own lives, and the world, to be in a better, more balanced, shape.


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