• Heading Towards 2018

    Posted on December 28, 2017 by in Astrological Forecasts

    The most significant astrological event of 2017 has to be the alignment between Earth, Saturn and the Center of the Milky Way, an alignment that happens only 30 years or so, and we were lucky enough to be washed by it for almost 10 months during the past year.

    This alignment was a special celestial wash we were all under. We felt it, as people, as nations. It also affected governments, institutes, and different major systems and so forth – for Saturn is the ruler of establishments,  institutes and laws.

    The alignment between Saturn and the Milky Way was not a simple one to be affected by. It had its difficulties, and reflections.  Saturn holds the lessons we need to go through as we  get more accurate as to our true vocation, which is also for a higher good – as presented by the Center of the Milky Way.

    It is difficult to see the mirror of truth and the many lessons Saturn put in front of us as gifts, but looking back – these are exactly what they were. Saturn is a loving father, and although his ways are sometime harsh, his guidance did lead in the right direction. We can now see all the difficulties we encountered, and all the “NOs”  we  met with,  as signs and guidance leading us to what is right for us, for the world and for the human race.

    The unusual process ends right now with a Grand Finale, as the Sun joins the alignment in  the last 2 weeks of 2017, allowing finally the coins to drop and to us be more aware and conscious of the processes we went through during 2017. And with this growing awareness we now approach 2018.

    In 2018 Saturn remains the main focal point. The Lord of Karma will continue to overcome challenges and make our lives more accurate and precise to their higher purpose. During the coming year (and actually the year after that as well) Saturn will slowly travel the Realm of Flexibility. And as it moves away from the Center of the Milky Way, in the Realm of Flexibility, it will allow us to make the needed changes and  gain  new knowledge and skills in order to connect to the vocation we are now more clear about, due to 2017’s events.

    This is a special time in which we need first to commit to the higher vocation that was presented to us, even before knowing how to fulfill it. Our commitment made,Saturn will present to us  all the tools and enhancements as they pour  in from the Realm of Flexibility, in order to change us for the best so we can uphold our purpose and take on our vocation.

    2018 is the year to say YES to our vocation and trust the unseen worlds and the universal bounty that pours in and then make the needed changes in us. We don’t need to think how to do IT, we just need to say YES to IT and trust that all the tools, growth and expansion will happen to us on the way.

    2018 is going to be a year of many changes – as we learn, grow, gain new skills and expand, in order to fit our true vocation.





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