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     Gemini – the Twins
    Element: air
    Ruler planet: Mercury
    Color: green
    Number: 3

    Tarot card: the Empress

    Stone: Krisocola


    Gemini are for ever young. At any age they will look bright and cheerfull. They will dress and act casually and will charm you with their smile. They love communication, people and new knowledge. They will blossom of they will work in teaching, lecturing or computers. They have the ability to do many things at once.


    Their down side is their tendency to gossip (in order to get and transfer information).


    Gemini children will be very quick. They will start talking and waking in a very early stage and will find themselves very comfortable with other children their age. If you are parents to a Gemini child – give them lots of freedom, give them intellectual challenges and do not worry if it only takes them 5 minutes to finish their homework – they have probably managed to do a lot in this short while!


    Gemini ladies will love to read a good book (while watching TV, preparing a light dinner and talking to a friend on the phone). In social occasions they will always know who’s involved with whom and how to make interesting conversations.


    Gemini men would probably be found working in something to do with communication, teaching or computers. They will also be very bright sales-men thanks to Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, the messenger-god with the winged helmet and sandals that was among other things the patron of all merchandisers


    (Picture: Gemini card from the Holistic Astrological Card deck by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby)


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