• Video forecast July 2 – July 9: What do I Really Want?

    Posted on July 2, 2017 by in A New Astrology

    This week the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all aligned, in what in astrology is called conjunction. Exactly on the other side of Earth we can find Pluto. This five-fold alignment of Mars, Mercury, the Sun, Earth and Pluto is a special opportunity for us to gather ourselves bravely towards change. This cosmic doorway is open for us this week – will we use it?

    The Sun, which symbolizes the ever-burning core of our lives, is aligned this week to Mercury – conduit of thinking, and Mars – conduit of doing. This alignment allows our different innermost  places –of  true wishes, thinking and planning and doing, to be all focused towards the same end.

    This inner unity is unique and therefore we should stop and ask ourselves – with this much power and ability, what is it that I actually want to do?

    Let’s add to that the fact that we are in the second part of the four-fold year. Here in the Northern hemisphere summer  officially started on June 21st (while in the Southern Hemisphere it is now Fall). In the astrological calendar this is quite a difficult time in which the grace of the year’s start, with its fullblast of energy has now passed. We have less initiative, less power and passion to do things, yet there is more maturity and the ability to do to completion that which we choose to do. So what is it, from the variety of ideas and buds of spring, that we really wish to give power to now,  and continue growing in our lives? What is strong and powerful enough, or important enough, to give our time and attention to, even if the enthusiasm of the start has already passed?

    So we have less enthusiasm than a few months ago, and yet – something is possible which was not possible before – and this is the possibility to be very focused at that which we really want to do, or to be.

    And here again we should ask ourselves the question: What is it that we want to do? To be?

    And the desire might be accomplishing something physical in our lives, or actually deciding on something we would want to be: better people, having higher standards, beings softer, more aware and so forth.

    For these days, whatever we really want can easily manifest itself.. It can be easily planned, worked at and accomplished. We only need to know what it is that we want…

    Dwarf planet Pluto is a very powerful celestial body, which talks about the ability to go all the way with the needed change. Due to the location of Pluto, at the very end of this 5-fold alignment, there is an extra power to actually push us  through the needed metamorphosis in order to accomplish that which we want to do, or become.





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