• Earth as an Ovum

    Posted on October 6, 2013 by in A New Astrology

    You may have noticed that lately there is a larger number than usually of asteroids and meteorites getting very close to earth and even colliding with it!

    A few months ago a meteorite hit Russia wounding hundreds. Close to that event an asteroid passed very close to earth, closer than the moon, with no casualties but a very strong astrological effect upon us.

    Together with the astronomical events there are also incidents that we cannot categorize as scientific, but are interesting nevertheless. In the last few months there is a massive amount of people reporting to see UFOs, many in South America.

    And why am I putting astronomical events together with science fiction?

    Because something very interesting seems to be happening now…

    Let’s take a closer look…


    Our beautiful blue planet travels through the very hazardous space. Planets, meteorites, asteroids floating around and yet miraculously nothing happens to it – usually. (Let us not forget about the dinosaurs…)

    Part of the reason Earth does not get hit continuously by celestial bodies – as the moon does for example – is Earth’s atmosphere that protects it from foreign bodies to enter. Usually a small object that gets close to Earth explodes, burns or dissolves.

    This description is very similar to what happens with many other big or small bodies –

    Our cells have a selective membrane that protects them.

    Our body has an aura which acts as our protector and does now allow certain things from reaching us (and that depends on our strength and our aura’s intactness).

    The fact that different bodies of all sorts succeeds to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere should arouse a big question in us. What is happening now to Earth that allows this penetration?

    The first thought that comes to mind is that Earth and its aura have become weaker.

    And that is true. It seems that what humans have been doing for the last century, ecologically and energetically, doesn’t do good things to our atmosphere – in many levels.

    But there I something else going on here that is worth wondering about…

    Lately scientists have revealed that the ovum acts in a differently than was thought before.

    What we use to think is that sperm has their “race” and the first one to reach the ovum, the fastest and strongest one, is the “lucky’ one to fertilize it.

    Recently it was found out that things are completely different and actually it is the ovum that chooses the one sperm it will open up to. When the ovum recognizes the one it lowers its defense system in order to allow that sperm in.

    Isn’t that a beautiful analogy for the relationship between ladies and gentlemen? As well as a good analogy about the way can allow things at general to reach our inner lives…

    Considering the technology or fertilization and what we now know about the ovum, can’t we just imagine that our planet, the Blue Princess in the skies, allows herself now to open up toward what is coming from space?

    Maybe Earth is now open for fertilization?

    Let us leave it as an open question for now – and you are very welcome to leave your ponders, insights, revelations and comments about it here below.


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