• Don’t Think…

    Posted on February 1, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    starsThis time Mercury’s retrogression seems to be harsher than ever.

    Mercury is retrograding till February 11th, and during this time our brain and thinking system is retrograding as well. It seems as though logic has taken off and common sense is taking a nap. Everything to do with thinking or communication just doesn’t work these days.

    The goods new is that Mercury’s retrogression allows us to remember we have other faculties at our disposal, that we might not use as often as our thinking, but might work just as well – and maybe even better –and  these are our intuition, our gut-feelings, and our inner drive.

    In our world much emphasis is put on  brains: planning, calculating, thinking… and sometimes we neglect other wonderful abilities such as those mentioned above. When Mercury retrogrades we should remember about these abilities and practice them.

    So – my best educated advice is DON’T THINK, at least till February 11th…

    ( Advice that combines humor with truth…)



    Together with Mercury’s lack of performance, many other celestial bodies now conjunct in the Realm of the Waterfall, enhancing these other, less remembered abilities. These celestial bodies are Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron.


    Venus and Mars are preparing for their annual conjunction, uniting feelings and action into much passion and inner-drive (read more about this conjunction by clicking here).


    Venus and Mars are also in conjunction with Chiron – the asteroid of Healing, and Neptune – planet of Spirituality and Inspiration. Neptune and Chiron have a much slower course than Venus and Mars, and therefore have already spent a few years in the realm of the Waterfall (whilst Venus and Mars will visit there for a brief month or two).

    Venus and Mars “touching” these distant, sleepy, celestial bodies lights up their qualities and allows us all to reunite with our healing powers, with the our spiritual abilities and with our inspirations.


    This delightful celestial celebration is another great reason not to think – but to allow something else to click in these days…


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