• Details about the Solar Eclipse – November 3rd

    Posted on October 30, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    A solar eclipse is due this Sunday, November 3rd.

    The Moon will pass over the Sun between 10:04 – 15:28 UTC – so check for your local time. If it’s day time – you’re about to see the eclipse!

    The full eclipse will be between 11:05 – 14:27 UTC, and the peak of the eclipse – about a minute and half when the moon will completely overshadow the Sun  – will be at 12:47 UTC.

    The eclipse will be visible from the west of the USA, the northern part of South America, the center of the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, and the south of Europe and Turkey. A partial eclipse will be seen from Israel, the eastern coast of the USA and south of the Ivory Coast.

    Please note: looking directly at the Sun with the naked eye, even during eclipse time, is strictly forbidden and can cause permanent loss of eyesight. It is possible to view the eclipse through appropriate and professional eye-wear. (Sun glasses won’t do!)

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