• December 21st – The Solstice and its Meaning

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    December 21st is one of the four planetary gates, and the four poles of Earth’s journey around the Sun.

    On its journey revolving around the Sun, Earth goes through 4 special points:

    The Equilibrium days of the spring and autumn (March 21st and September 21st), and the longest and shortest days of the year (December 21st and June 21st).

    Each of these days is also the entry point of a new season and a day with a special planetary doorway.

    Here, in the North Hemisphere December 21st is the shortest day of the year – the one with the least hours of light and the most hours of dark and the official first day of winter.

    The shortest day is the doorway into winter – time of freeze and crystallization of all we have collected, learned and experienced during the past  year.

    Physically the earth in its journey reaches the point where it is the furthest away from the Sun as possible, and then there’s a shift as now it will get back again closer and closer to the sun.

    The Sun is the symbol of our awareness and consciousness, so this is a journey of gathering more awareness about the past year.

    In this special day, as Earth reaches the point as far as  possible from the Sun and then comes back – there is the special ability for new knowledge to enter Earth from the furthest dimensions.

    This is the day in which new things can enter Earth, and us.

    And it is important to be open to the new things that want to arrive, as this is the seed to later on, in the spring time, bloom.

    The entrance of new knowledge on this day will also enable us to go up an octave, and in that way the next year,  that will begin in spring (March 21st) will not be a cyclic repetition of the previous year – but a journey up a spiral instead.


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