• Creation – The Sixth Developmental Pathway

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    Picture above: the Realm of Creation card, from Karni Zor’s Holistic Astrological Cards.


    The Sun is now travelling the astrological Realm of Creation.

    This is the time when the power of our thoughts much more potent. This is the time to remember and realize that we are the creators of our own world, and that this creation begins with our thoughts.

    This is also the time to examine our thoughts, be aware of them, and check if they are in tune to the future we want to see. And if not – this is the time to heal and change old thought patterns.

    This is a good time to clear our thoughts, crystallize them, and make them more focused and less dispersed – as we grasp more and more that they are the seed for our reality.

    This is also a good time to decide what it is we want to create: what is the future we wish for ourselves and for the world…

    During this special month, more than ever, to think it is to create it.


    We can look at the astrological realms as a continuous series of developmental tasks:

    The Key – teaches us to search and  retrieve  that which we are hungry for.

    At Exchange – we understand the journey is a matter of exchange – and that we need to be open in order to receive that which we have been looking for.

    Giving will teach us how to remain in the constant flow of  universal communication,  first giving that which we have searched for, and so making the first transmission into the Universe, that calls for more to come.

    In the realm of Nobility the full cycle is complete and now we can be satisfied with who we are

    The realm of Abundance teaches us how to appreciate the world

    And the sixth stage of the journey, called “Creation” would be the part when we realize that we are an equal part of creation.

    The symbol that goes with the number 6 is  Solomon’s Seal, that reminds us that as above – so below. And the word that goes with Creation  would be LIFE.

    Within the symbol of the Solomon’s Seal we can see, amongst other things, one triangle representing God’s creation – beginning in the most concentrated and higher point – God itself, and going down through all octaves and all levels till something tangible is created – at the base of the triangle.

    The other triangle, the upside-down one, represents, among many other things, our own ability, the ability of the human to create things, beginning from the bottom, with a little dot of a thought, and idea or inspiration, and giving it more and more form till it is complete – at the top.

    In an interesting way – when we build something it starts to gain not only a physical appearance, but also a life of its own. Think of a garden you plant and then it becomes a house for fairies and healing angels, or  schools that are filled with the lives and experiences of the students learning in it. Something that begins small expands in many ways, not only in the tangible way – but also by gaining a unique frequency and energetic presence of itself.

    This seen and unseen life that is the product of our creation is an important part of creation, just as any other part of it.

    When we look at the world around us we can clearly see it is a combination of God’s creation and the human’s one. For better or worse – whatever man created has a place in creation. And we can only wish that  human creations will be  good and promoting ones.


    The constellation that is seen in the realm of Creation is the constellation of Libra, which these days is in alignment with the Sun between October 18th and November 16th. This constellation has the myth of the Scales of Truth linked to it – whether it be the scales of the Egyptian goddess Mahat who weighed  a person’s heart against the weight of a feather – allowing only those of light heart to proceed to the next world, or the Greek Thesis – the blind-folded Goddess of Truth, ready with her sword in  hand to bring justice to all that have used their creating abilities in a wrongful way.

    The Creation development pathway is about assuming the responsibility to take an equal part in creation. It is about initiating new things and understanding that what we build can have a whole life of its own. People of this clan, doing the right work, or people who take on this developmental pathway, can learn how to create new things and how to be responsible for their creation. By giving new life we take an equal part in the universal growth and can help the evolution of the universe by bringing to it new things.


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