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    Posted on August 7, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    creationThere are two crucial astrological points that are connected to the soul’s deepest quest. One is the True Node and the other is Saturn.

    The True Node represents the very thing our soul came here to earth to accomplish, and Saturn shows us which obstacles we will need to overcome and which gates we will need to open in order to accomplish our mission.

    These days all three persona planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars, are in conjunction to one of these two crucial points:   Mercury and Venus – the conduits of thinking and feeling, are in conjunction to the True Node (the soul’s quest), while Mars, planet of DOING,  is in conjunction to Saturn (the thing to over-come).

    This means that these days we will experience in a very hands-on and  personal way the subject of overcoming the obstacles  preventing us from achieving our goals, and we will also have the opportunity to take some major steps towards fulfilling our true destiny.

    The closeness of Mercury and Venus to the True Node  enables us so that we can now think more clearly about what we are here to do, to feel it, be in harmony with it and even be light about it.

    The position of Mars, very close to Saturn, tells us that one good way to overcome whatever it is that stops us from moving forward in life – is to JUST DO IT. Move forward, try and try again. Be practical about things, and when it’s difficult – just go at it again … and then, in a magical way, we might find that the door that was always closed – is now open…