• Challenging Skies

    Posted on May 11, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    The skies of the last few weeks have been challenging, to say the least – and it seems that this week we reach the peak of the difficulty. Many planets (almost all them!) oppose each other in the skies now, and this opposition creates lots of tension in our lives.

    Astrological opposition means that two planets are actually taking position in exact opposition one to the other – from the two sides of Earth, as if creating an electrical line passing through the planet Earth, that is caught in the middle. This opposition can be seen every month in the full moon that rises exactly as the sun sets. But it can occur between any two planets or any planet and the moon/sun.

    Looking at the skies as something that affects our lives, these oppositions are very crucial. They will show us  two forces opposing or colliding, and that can create a lot of tension in our lives. But remembering that the planets actually offer us an opportunity to develop as well – we can realize that these difficulties are actually important lessons for us to learn. And by taking this special astrological time and actually going through the lessons – we can develop above our own automatic responses and above the astrological influences upon us.

    The oppositions of this week are:

    • Retrograding Mars that is opposing Venus and Uranus – Mars and Venus are creating a tension between our feelings and our ability to do (read more about it here), but with the addition of Uranus we really need to look out not to cause destructive acts.


    • Saturn in opposition to the Sun – not only challenges our ability to take part in conformity or inside regulations and rules, but also makes us test ourselves – are we really as mature and responsible as we think we are…


    • And Pluto in opposition to Jupiter – which is an opposition that affects us for a longer while because these are two low-moving planets, and this period of time holds the lesson of learning how to cultivate our energy and use it for good, and promoting things aimed to go outside, and not dwelling on our doubts and fears – which would be taking this energy and using it against us.


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