• Cancer and it’s Ruler – the Moon

    Posted on October 7, 2013 by in Astrology Extra
    Cancer sign

    Sign: Cancer

    Element: water

    Number: 4

    Ruler: the Moon

    Gem: Pearl

    Colors: silver, white, blues.

    Cancer people will usually be very quiet, introverted and home-oriented. Their inner world is rich and deep. Not much is seen from the outside. They love to collect things: pictures, memories and clothes, significant and insignificant artifacts. They are very nostalgic, connected to their family and especially their mother.
    The astrological house of Cancer is house 4, and it’s to do with Family: how we were when we were children, how we are as parents, our relatives, pour mother-figure. Everything that was embedded deep in us since we were born , even before we could name it.

    Each astrological sign has a planet (or other celestial body) that holds the same frequency as the constellation and considered its ruler. Cancer’s ruler is the Moon: forever changing as the emotions, reflecting the sun’s light and not radiating by itself and circling Earth – as a child, staying close to its mother, reflecting its parents acts and movement, gathering security until he or she will grow up a bit more…

    In Astrology the Moon is a metaphor of our unconscious world. And this tells us about our psychology that begins in a very early age: the things that effect us the most are actually the things we do not remember from our very early stages of life: the scent of our mother, things we heard/seen/experienced in our home. Things printed in us from very early age, from before we could decide for ourselves if they are right or wrong – for us it just was “how things are” and as children all we could do is reflect the acts of grown-ups around us, just as all the Moon can do is reflect the light of the Sun.

    The Moon – or our subconscious – has a huge affect about almost every move we do or emotion we feel, but as the ruler of the Night, it does it with us knowing of it…  (as appose to the Sun that represents our aware desires and ambitions).

    Picture: Cancer card from the Holistic Astrological Cards by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby)


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