• Bright Like a Diamond

    Posted on December 1, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    One cannot miss Venus, shining bright like a diamond in the skies these days.

    Venus these days is the first star to appear just as the sun sets, in the west. Bigger and brighter than any other star.

    Looking at Venus one can understand why the ancient ones saw her as the goddess of beauty and love.


    Venus is the closest planet to Earth and the only female companion to mother-earth amongst a masculine inclined solar-system.


    Venus is also close to the Sun (second planet from the Sun, after Mercury) and because of that it will never be too far apart from the Sun in the skies. Venus will either be the first star we see in the west in the evening, following the Sun’s setting path, or – at other times, the last star to rise in the east, just before morning dawns.


    These days Venus is just about the furthest from the Sun as she can get. She is in a totally different astrological realm in the skies than the Sun and Mercury.

    Astrologically speaking Venus stands independently now, not influenced or affected by the Sun and Mercury, that represent awareness and logic. And there for our emotions can shine forth. And in that there can be something very very bright…


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