• Breakthroughs in the Way we Think and Communicate

    Posted on September 14, 2014 by in A New Astrology

    mindWe are heading towards the September 23rd Equinox, which marks the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

    This is a special time of balance – balance between day and night, balance between the power of the Sun and the power of the Moon; a special time in which the world is more balanced, and different places are closer in nature and climate, before heading towards the extremes and the polarities of summer at one end of the world and winter at the other.

    At this special time Mercury, which is the conduit of thought and communication, is in conjunction to the True Node – which is the point of Karmic lessons in the astrological chart.

    This is a time of special opportunity to each one of us as an individual, and for all of us as a human community, to make huge breakthroughs in the areas of the way we think and how we communicate with ourselves and others.

     Making changes during this special time of Mercury and the True Node conjunction, will prevent us from having to go over these same lessons again and again in our future. Many of the difficulties in our lives are actually lessons for us to learn – and when we have learned these lessons, the difficulties need no longer appear in our lives.

    Mercury can be underestimated. Usually one thinks of Mercury as a small, quick and humoristic planet. But actually Mercury is the planet that is connected to our ability to think and communicate, and when one realizes this – these are quite huge and important abilities. But more than that – our thoughts are the starting spark for the reality we create. So what we think and how we think is extremely important!

    Mercury is also the closest planet to the Sun, and the Sun symbolizes our consciousness and awareness, the core of our life and the light that leads our way. Smart Mercury is the messenger of the Gods that knows how to take the Sun’s gospel and transmit it to us in a way that we can conceive it and appreciate it.

    The Mercury-True Node conjunction gives us a unique possibility to change the way we think and communicate, and hence a unique opportunity to change our whole reality!

    This is a great time to discover some patterns of thinking we have, that may be needed to be changed or updated. It is recommended to start paying attention to what we tell ourselves. If we find that we tend to tell ourselves things like ‘it won’t work” or “I can’t do it”, now that we know that these thoughts will actually create our reality – we will try to say the opposite, and it is recommended even to do so out loud.

    Our usual thought processes will not disappear easily! And that is why it is important to create the RIGHT sentences (“It can be done!” I will succeed!”) and even to repeat them out loud to strengthen the new paradigm. Another good way is to use sticky posts with  promoting sentences in our immediate vicinity.

    And concerning the way we communicate with others – this would be a good time to check if what we say is actually received as we planned by our listeners. We have to remember that it is OUR responsibility to check if our messages are passed on correctly. We have to remember that every person might have a different or preferable way for them to be approached – so: did we sum up our message enough for the busy-guy to get it? Did we make the effort to elaborate with details for the ones that need the whole picture before they advance? Did we take the time to sit down in order to be in eye-contact with the child we are approaching?

    It is great to know that this week we have the astrological back-wind to help us make the necessary changes and advancements. And this can also encourage us to try to make changes that haven’t worked before, maybe because they were not attempted at the right time.

    Another great way to help us change our way of thinking and communicating is meditating upon the Mercury card, from the Holistic Astrological Deck. The meditation will enable us to make the changes in a quicker and easier way and can strengthen our own efforts.


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