• Breaking Stop-Situations

    Posted on August 14, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    These days one can see clearly in the sky a red triad of stars. Early evening  is when they are the first to appear on the southern horizon (if you are located in the northern hemisphere).
    Two of them are the planets Saturn and Mars and the third – Antares, the leading star of the Scorpio constellation – location of the astrological Realm of the Gate.

    These days both Mars and Saturn have just ended a retrogression period, and have started to move forward with all their might. As they get closer to each other (due to Mars fast movement), in conjunction to Antares, they are heading toward a triple alignment.

    In a weeks’ time we will actually see the three (one right above the other), Saturn on the top, Mars in the middle and Antares as their base (northern hemisphere again).
    If you are located in the southern hemisphere you will spot the three in the northern hemisphere with Antares in the top and Saturn on the bottom.


    What does this magnificent triad enable these days?
    Saturn represents difficult situations: everything that comes to stop us, and the struggles we have. Mars – on the other hand – represents the ability to do things, to charge, to go forward and not even see the obstacles and therefore easily pushing through them. Mind you,  this unique conjunction is taking place in the astrological Realm of the Gate, which IS the arena of doors being opened.
    Moving through these situations with such strong deficiency,  we might find doors that once were closed now opening more swiftly than we ever expected.
    The triple conjunction of Saturn, Mars and Antares is rare.. The next time it will happen is in about 30 years time.


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