• Balancing Libra

    Posted on October 7, 2013 by in Astrology Extra

    Sign8Element: air

    Cardinal sign

    Numerology: 7

    Ruler: Venus

    Domain: partnership, Intimate relationships, marriage.

    Libras are people of parity and intimate relationships. They are harmonious and love partnerships. They need the feedback of the other person in order to learn about themselves. Because Libra is the sign of justice and law there is an illusion that it is a sign of balance, when in fact the opposite is truth! Libras are very unstable people. Any slight fluctuation, any tiny weight moving to this side or the other, tilts the delicate balance of Libras and swings them out of balance.

    Libras, more thanmost people, have to work hard in order to find their inner balance.

    The Ruler of Libra is Venus, planet of emotions, goddess of beauty and love. Hence Libras are endowed with great sensitivity, as well as natural grace and love for esthetics. The desire to find beauty, harmony and balance everywhere can bring a lot of creativity, Gentleness and tenderness, but can also lead to criticism or disappointment at times because things are not as they want it to be.

    The secrets that can help Libras to live in harmony:

    * Right doses (for everything) – Libras tend to reach extremes.

    * Trying to reach decisions without backing from them – Libras has the tendency to be the eternal ponders…

    *Replacing criticism (if it exist) with patience and acceptance (yes, it is not an easy work…)

    (Picture: Libra card from the Holistic Astrological Card deck by Karni Zor, illustrated by Maya Toby)


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