• Awaking the Great Creator

    Posted on April 3, 2016 by in Astrological Forecasts

    creationOnce a year the Sun conjuncts Uranus.

    Uranus is one of the bigger planets of our solar system, and one of  the more distant ones. It is so far out in our solar system that it take Uranus 88 years to complete one cycle around the Sun, (Earth cycle is one year), and it resides in each astrological realm for 7 years ! (The Sun seems to us to move from realm to realm every month…) But although Uranus is very distant, so distant it can’t be seen by the naked eye, its astrological affect is strong.

    It also has a very strange rotation – rotating almost on its side, instead of straight-up.

    The God Uranus, after which this odd planet is named, was the primordial god who, , according to  Greek mythology, started to created the different creatures. He created people, monsters and other gods. But after a while he started to see his creations, and  contrary to what the Judeo-Christian god saw – that his  creations were  good – Uranus did not like what he saw. Uranus started devouring his creations by eating the different creators, his very own sons and daughters that he had just given  life to.

    Uranus needed to be stopped by his wife – Gaya (meaning World/Planet), who  hid her children in her belly (of Earth). Later on, Uranus’  son Chronus (Saturn) imprisoned his father and started to make some order in the new chaotic creation.

    Uranus is the primordial creator, creating new things out of thin air, a free and original spirit, yet very very unpredictable.


    FlameThe annual conjunction between the Sun and Uranus awakens the creator-god in each  one of us. Although Uranus – the God –  did lots of damage together with his creations, this annual meeting is mainly positive.

    This is the time to think out-of-the-box, to create new things and to have new and original ideas.

    If you already have some new projects cooking – this is a brilliant time for them to  actualize and come to life.

    This is NOT the time to start to think too much about our new creations. This is not the time to criticize or censor ourselves. Just give light to your new creations – and later on you will have enough time to see what it is you have created, and if needed – you can back up on a few things.

    This is a vivid and free time of new things coming to life !

    And here’s a saying which I really love, and modified a bit:

    “It’s better to try and do 10 things and succeed in only 2, than try to do 1 thing and have 100% success”

    And this goes with another saying: “Try, try, try !”