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    Posted on October 8, 2013 by in Astrology Extra

    For thousands of years man has looked at the skies and seen in them something to do with a higher purpose. In many ancient cultures we find astrology – the study and knowledge of the stars and their connection to our life.

    In the past, kings would not go to war without consulting their astrologist, and couples would not get married without first verifying their astrological compatibility.

    Astrology can be found in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, the ancient cultures of America, Greece and Rome.   Even in ancient Jewish synagogues we find astrological mosaics and pictures, as astrology is also an inseparable part of the Jewish life – even today.

    What we know today as astrology: a general forecast in some journal or newspaper– is only a very faint shadow of what astrology was and should be.

    Astrology is a tool for development. It is a tool for understanding the powers, frequencies and influences that act upon us – whether they are planetary, from our solar system, or from distant galaxies.

    It is a tool for better understanding the person’s soul and psychology. A tool that helps us be better people, better parents, better educators and better healers.

    Astrology is a tool for diagnosing and for treating.

    It is a treasure box filled with knowledge and wisdom that can help us on our journey.


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