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    Birth cannot be the beginning of life…

    If you happened to see the wonder of a child arriving into the world you might have realized that birth is not only a beginning of a new life, but also the ending of a very complex process that has enabled the moment of birth. This is not only true to the physical, natural wonder of the 9 months of assembly in the womb, but also for what the child IS. Tthe moment of birth is not a beginning.

    A child is born an individual, with its own character and wisdom, with its unique wills and preferences. You can see it in the baby’s eyes and by the fact that every baby is so different from another.

    What seems to us as the beginning of life is actually the end of a very complex process that has enabled this marvel to be what it is, and for the marvel (the baby) the moment of birth is another stepping stone in his/her journey.

    A person’s astrological chart presents the exact location of the stars and planets at the moment of one’s birth. This special star-combination is imprinted upon us at the moment of  birth, as light imprints a photo-film (once upon a time, before instagram…)

    And this moment of birth is not a random occurrence, as a birth takes place when there is a resonating note between the star configuration and the person’s soul – so the chart is actually a mirror to that person’s soul.

    Pregnancy, normally, is a 40 weeks long process, which are also 9 months.

    The numbers 40 and 9 have a similar esoteric meaning.

    The number 40, as the 40 years of isolation the Israelites had to go through passing from the government of Egypt to the new land of Israel, symbolizes the complete transformation one has to go through in order to go from one dimension to another. And 9 also symbolizes a completion of a processes starting with 0 and ending with 9, before going into the next level that will involve two digits (10). It also speaks of isolation, as in the major arcane of the Tarot, where card number 9 is the Hermit.

    So – the chart of one’s birth tells about the cosmic influence upon the person at the moment of his arrival on earth, but as we know – there is so much going on in these 9 months in the womb, and so much building of the essence and personality of the child – so where does all this come from?

    Actually, the astrological chart of the moment of birth is just 1 of the 3 charts we have to take into consideration when we want to locate our true “home base”, or – who we truly are.

    The two other hugely important moments in time, to go with the moment of birth, are the moment of conception and the time of mid-pregnancy (usually the 20th week of pregnancy, or so) when the soul and spirit start to accompany the physical body that has evolved in the womb making it come to life.

    Each of these phases is a wondrous moment that has its own astrological configuration.

    The Moment of Conception

    Conception is the meeting point between the feminine and masculine universes and the miraculous creation of a new complete cell from two half-DNA cells. This is the time the person’s genetics is set.

    On the emotional level – this moment of two people meeting in order to create new life sets the ecology in which later on the baby will grow in for the next 9 months. So – was there love there? Happiness? Openness? Was there an invitation for the new life to arrive so it will feel welcome and comfortable?

    Many of the occurrences of the conception and the beginning of a new life are not yet understood to science, and there are many mysteries about this process: what makes the ovum choose a certain sperm? How come the dividing cells “stick together”, the way each part of the new complex knows its function though they all share the exact DNA and so on… and one of the mysteries that remains is the cosmic influence upon this miraculous new beginning, at the perfect time of invitation by the two parents for a new soul to join their lives.

    So – it might sound a bit awkward – but the moment your parents “did what they did’ in order for you to arrive here on earth has great influence upon your life and who you are today.

    Esoterically speaking this moment will be the moment your parents “pulled” you out of the higher dimension and summoned you here, all though not quite physically yet.  This is the time you were put in the  queue to come to earth. The chart of this date can tell a lot about the soul that was summoned down to earth, before any genetic, emotional, mental or other influence affected it.

    The Arrival of the Soul and Spirit

    The wonderful human machine starts to work as soon as the ovum and the sperm meet, but as we know humans are much more than their physical body. Almost every mother can remember the special time, usually about mid-pregnancy, when the fetus starts moving in the womb, as if it comes to life, and from that moment on there is a growing feeling that “someone is there” and a stronger connection is made as the embryo becomes a fetus.

    Esoterically speaking this is a special moment when the physical form is set and its assembly calls for “something else” to join it, and that is when the soul and the spirit join the flesh to create the human being.

    3 Charts Working Together

    There are 3 signs of each element in the astrological chart, one of each mode – Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Signs of the same element are always harmonious in an astrological chart and the 3 of them together always create an equilateral triangle.

    The number 3, esoterically will represent a process, and is connected to the 3 kinds of forces:  plus, minus and neutral – always working together in rotation of force.

    And here is something else amazing to consider – in a normal pregnancy and birth, these 3 unique moments in time: the moment of conception, the arrival of the soul and spirit and the actual birth, dates separated by approximately 20 weeks, when put together on an astrological wheel will touch 3 signs of the same element and will create a perfect harmonious equilateral triangle.

    For example: A baby born in the sign of Sagittarius (which is the ninth sign), its conception was 9 months before, during the first sign which is Aries, and the moment the soul and spirit entered the body of that baby was between these two dates – that would be in the fifth sign, which is in Leo. All three (Aries, Sagittarius and Leo) are Fire signs, each of every mode: cardinal, mutable and fixed.

    Or – A baby born in the sign of Gemini, was conceived in the sign of Libra and its mid-pregnancy was in the sign of  Aquarius – all air signs, again of every mode: mutable, cardinal and fixed.

    So it is most likely that in the journey we travel from conception to arrival we meet two crucial points that have to do with the two other signs of the same element we were born into. We are influenced not only by our own element and mode, but actually by the 3 different aspects of the same element. And this is what will make us good representatives and ambassadors of that element here on earth.

    More astrological Influences to Take into Account

    Looking at a person’s chart, and maybe answering the crucial question that has been asked again and again of how two people could have the exact same chart but be different, there are some more astrological influences that should be considered.

    We have to take into account the astrological effects that have happened upon the mother during pregnancy. While in the womb the fetus is not directly affected by astrological influences, but does take in the mother’s impressions of them. So the mother’s chart’s transits (astrological affect upon birth chart) during the 9 months of pregnancy and can also be crucial to understanding the complexity of a person.

    Astrology can also shed light about difficulties to get pregnant and help with understanding the cycles of fertility and the psychology a woman or a couple have about pregnancy, but this, only in a nutshell, are some indications of a vast astrological knowledge that once was much more accessible to human kind.


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