• Astrology of Four and Astrology of Three

    Posted on April 12, 2014 by in A New Astrology

    variable_stars_largeAbout two years ago I had reached the end of the known road of astrology. Before that I could count on others’ research, learning and knowledge about the stars. But where I had reached, no books were written about.

    I realized that what we actually know about astrology – is not about distant stars at all – as known astrology puts emphasis on the planets of our solar system and to their influence upon Earth. And what we thought we knew about the 12 constellations is actually only about their planetary expression. Think about it – what DO we know about the constellation of Aries? Nothing but the three facts which are:  1) its earthly expression of the character of fire – one of the 4 elements relating to earth’s expression. 2)  Aries holds the character of Mars, which is a planet in our solar system – meaning it is of a planetary level , and 3)  has a Cardinal nature, – one of the three modes.  (Maybe there is a clue there…)

    Everywhere you look you do not reach above planetary level – so where is the Star-o-logy in astrology?

    I knew deep inside that astrology is much more than charts and calculations; that it must be about being in closer contact with our celestial neighborhood – which is our solar system, and even being in touch and in tune to  the further galaxies – which are part of the greater puzzle we are but a small  part of.

    But how does one make this octave jump and really start to relate to astrology – as to itself? How does one get out of the box of Planetology?

    One way to describe the journey of trying to make astrology ALIVE – is to  ‘leap between the Square astrology and the Triangular one’.


    The Egyptians built square pyramids.

    In order to elevate from a square to a pyramid that is pointing upwards, one needs to find a higher point that is parallel to the center of the pyramid, and lift from each of the 4 sides a triangle towards that point.

    This is a good analogy of the way we can change directions from a two-dimensional perspective to a three dimensional perspective in our lives, and how we can actually lift ourselves up from the center of our selves towards something that is higher – changing our location and therefore view-point, and start looking at things that are square as triangular (changing our paradigm and actually getting out of our box).

    In reading an astrological chart a square will represent something hard, harsh and not simple in one’s life. But a triangle represents a harmonious flow.

    The four represents 4 different directions, 4 different elements, each pulling in its different direction.

    The 3 represents a system of the 3 modes: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable, that, just as the Plus, Minus and Neutral system – represent a combination that works well together creating a dynamic live system.

    Imagine yourself looking down onto a pyramid from a high perspective-you will see a square with an X in the middle. But looking at this same pyramid from ground level, you will clearly see the triangle.

    Getting out of our fixed system of 4 and elevating to a system of 3 needs a new understanding.

    Just as getting in touch with an astrology that actually relates to the stars needs a new understanding that shifts the emphasis from our differences (our personal charts), to the path all human kind is heading together – which is towards something higher – the stars…

    For example – if four people are resisting each other, each pulling in their own direction – they are all actually standing on one platform, which is two-dimensional, and not really getting anywhere. If they realize they are all part of the same system and instead of resisting (which only creates friction) start to direct themselves upwards, they could get in touch with another dimension. And now they can be on a greater platform that they all together can elevate from…

    The leap to the grasp of 3, or to the connection with the Astrology of  3, is also about understanding that there is a flow between Earth (the square platform of the pyramid), the Stars  (the point of the pyramid) and Human Beings – who are the ones that can make this elevation and thus make the connection between the Earth and the Stars.


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