Astrology for the Soul – Workshop in Greece

 special workshop for the soul

A life-changing experience

with astrologer Karni Zor


October 15-19

In the Well-Being Center, Symi, Greece


4.5 days of an intense and important process

for yourself and for your spiritual quest


10:00 – 18:00 Exploring the frequencies and wisdom of our solar system


(including lunch at 14:00)



10:00 – 18:00

Holistic Astrological Cards workshop


(including lunch at 14:00)


Day Cruise + Lunch


10:00 – 18:00

The esoteric side of astrology: Exploring the 12 Developmental pathways of the astrological realms

(including lunch at 14:00)


Continuation of the 12 astrological realms and Closing session


Getting to know the stars – guided tour to the night’s skies and a special meditation.


Full Moon Ceremony


Open Night Session – Connecting to the Stars through music, color, meditation and more…


The 12 Developmental Pathways through meditation, color and movement, all underneath the skies.


A special and meaningful process. Using a wide variety of tools: movement, music, colors, cards’ readings, star gazing, meditation, ceremonies and more…


Price: 640 Euros


Accommodation for 5 nights in Symi (one person in a double room),

3 meals a day – beginning Friday evening and ending Wednesday lunch,

Boat Excursion

PAY ATTENTION- boats to Symi from Rhodes leave Friday afternoon and return Wednesdaty lunch


Not including:

Ferry tickets and taxis from the airport allow another: 90 Euros.

Single room:  extra 90 Euros for the whole stay.