• Astrological Mix and Match of these Times

    Posted on November 17, 2013 by in Astrological Forecasts

    The astrological chart of these times holds many different components in it, all coming together in an interesting way. The planets are spread in different astrological realms, quite dispersed and separated from each other, each having a different effect upon our lives – and as we put all the parts together we get an interesting mix and match of influences that will affect our lives till the end of November.

    The Sun is travelling in the realm of “The Gate”, allowing us a very spiritual time of diving into the depths of our soul. From our quiet center we can travel to higher dimensions, as we understand that life’s journey does not go forwards, but inwards and upwards…

    Mercury – conduit of thinking – is travelling in the realm of Creation. After travelling there backwards for a few weeks during its retrogression, Mercury’s regular course allows us to organize our thoughts and see ourselves clearly, first to ourselves and then to others. It is as if Mercury allows us now to fix everything that went wrong during its retrogression. This is a time to understand that our words and thoughts have much effect. Mercury also prevents us from totally withdrawing into ourselves – something that could have happened while the Sun is in the realm of ‘the Gate”. So we are undergoing a deep process, but we do have one eye open and a clear channel of communication with the world.

    Venus – planet of love and feelings – is travelling in the astrological realm of “the Dolphin”, in conjunction to Pluto. Our feelings are very very deep, real, natural and unstoppable. They allow us to go through this special process not only in a mental way – but have the emotional experience as well.

    And Mars – planet of “doing” is in the realm of the Swan. From there it allows us, together with the deep processes we’re going through, to continue doing and working, and it also allows us to lead others along the way.


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