• Ares and Antares

    Posted on September 7, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    Mars, the Red Planet and mythological God of War, has been manipulating us for a while now. It began with Mars’ retrogression that prevented us from doing things, and continued to its conjunction to the True Node (the Point of Karma and dealing with unsolved issues) – a conjunction that the results of we can see with rising violence world-wide in a most frightening way.

    Mars is now in conjunction with Saturn – a lord of Karma of its own, the great preventer, the mentor and the father – and the only planet that can control Mars a bit, quiet it down and prevent its misdeeds.

    If you look at the skies you can clearly spot Mars close to Saturn, and changes are made rapidly, as day by day Mars is entering the realm of The Gate, with its prominent constellation of Scorpio, while slow-slow Saturn remains at the realm of Creation with its almost unseen constellation of Libra (well, balance is hard to find… even in the skies…)

    So – Mars has entered a new astrological realm, the realm of The Gate, with means that in the skies you can actually see Mars in the Scorpio constellation, where Mars really feels “at home”. If you look at the skies these days you can see that Mars even resembles the main star of the Scorpio constellation – which is a red and dominant star.

    scorpioThe major red star of the Scorpio constellation is called Antares.

    Antares means anti-Ares. And Ares is the early, Greek name, of Mars.

    Antares is the antithesis of Ares, the ultimate contradiction and his sworn enemy.

    Classic astrology will tell that Mars is the ruler of two signs – Aries and Scorpio. His performance in each one is utterly different, as the first represents its out-going phase and the latter its in-going phase. It is like the plus and minus of the same frequency.

    At Aries (sounds a bit like Ares, doesn’t it?) Mars/Ares takes its red energy out in the form of action, war, conflicts and projects. At Scorpio, Mars/Ares is navigating its red energy inwards – makes us strive in our spiritual journey, energetic and vivid from within.

    Now that Mars is entering an introverted astrological realm, where it will reside during the next two months, it will help us, and probably and hopefully the whole world, make the shift from external quarrels into a vivid internal spiritual quest, going inwards and upwards at full blast.

    This is a great time for making our conquests internal, and for achieving our spiritual aims and goals.



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