• Approaching the Age of the Waterfall

    Posted on February 17, 2018 by in A New Astrology, New Astrological Realms

    The Waterfall by Karni Zor(Picture from Karni Zor’s astrological cards)

    These days the Sun resides the astrological realm of the Waterfall, where it will travel the whole month and till mid March.

    What this says in  astronomy is that the Sun is now just behind the famous constellation of Aquarius. Yes – these are the dates – there is no confusion here – the Sun is in alignment to Aquarius between February 13th and March 13th, and these days slightly change all of the time – one degree backwards every 72 years, a drift most astrologers do not take into account – but that the New Astrology does.

    And this means that 350 years from now the Sun will be in alignment with the first degree of Aquarius on March 21st – which is the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere,( fall in the south) and a very significant day of alignment in which a new astrological year begins.

    And on the  day that this happens – the Age of Aquarius will begin. Or as we call it – the Age of the Waterfall.

    It seems far out and far away  but  actually in astrological ages  terms it is “just around the corner”.


    Astrology speaks of cycles upon cycles, on different levels, which move about in different groupings, with many many clocks.  Some are cosmic, some are connected to Earth, some repeat themselves without changing, and some are actually constantly changing spirals.

    One of the biggest and slowest hands in the astrological clocks is the one of the astrological ages – a hand that moves once every 2160 years, marking an astrological epoch which

    influences  human culture at the deepest of levels:  perceptions, religion, culture, ways of thinking, human expression and more – each Astrological Age has its own unique fingerprint.

    We have been in the Age of Pisces for the last 1800 years, with Pisces as the constellation rising  on the Equinox with the Sun. But the time of Pisces has almost ended and these days one can already feel the next epoch approaching – the Aquarian one – knocking at our door and influencing us, as it is only 5 degrees away from us (one degree every 72 years) – which in astrology is really not much.


    The ongoing entrance of the new astrological epoch – the Age of Aquarious/the Waterfall can be strongly felt: with features and qualities that are connected to this astrological influence already appearing around the globe – ideologies, higher perceptions, advanced notions, care for the individual, and thinking outside of the box. Actually today, in the age of startups and progress (which are both very much Aquarian) those who lead are those who come up with new ideas and are innovators. Those  with whom new ideas originate will now  become the spearheads – and this can be seen everywhere – in technological innovations, in social networks, in the educational system being converted from rote learning to initiative and original thinking (something  that I hope will only increase), and can even be seen in economics. In actuality, it is no longer “in” to be like everyone else. In the Age of Aquarius it is exceptional to not be exceptional!  Even at the speed in which change follows change – which is very much connected with the quick nature of the element of air – and of course in the field of communications where ideas are transmitted to the entire world within moments…  the approaching entrance of the sign of Aquarius is indeed already greatly felt in the world.


    The Realm of the Waterfall is connected with our ability to arrive at new knowledge and to connect to higher ideologies. When done so from the right place, we are able to help the rest of our human companions  achieve their destinies as well.

    Throughout the last 2000 years, which were subject to the influence of Pisces, what governed the world was religion (mainly Christianity, which is associated with Pisces). New ideas were scarce, revealed mostly in secrecy, and although they found some expression, were not able to come to the forefront. And we can see the sad fate of those very same people who tried to break through towards progress were banished or burnt at the stake. Fulfilling one’s vocation (something that is highly connected to the constellation of Aquarius) was something so lofty and high, that only a few, at the end of their lives, could attain this.

    While once it was necessary to journey a lifetime to be able to reach one’s destiny, it seems that as time advances towards Aquarius, destiny is becoming something that children are simply born with…

    Today, with the transition to Aquarius, ideas, individuality and idealism are moving to the forefront. But we still have a long way to go,  about 350 years, till the Age of the Waterfall is completely here…



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