• All Planets – Backward!

    Posted on February 16, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    solar systemVenus has just finished its periodic retrogression that occurs once every year and a half, and Mercury begins its!

    Mercury’s retrogression happens every 3-4 months and confuses our logic and communication skills.

    But before we can say “Jack Robinson” – a day after Mercury will go back to its regular course, on March 1st, Mars will begin its yearly retrogression and really put the other two behind, making Venus’ and Mercury’s retrogression look small compared to its.

    Oh! Mars is going to REALY show us what retrogression IS!

    (More about it towards the retrogression itself – stay tuned…)


    It is clear that all of three “personal planets” retrograde one after the other. The “persons planets” is the name for the three closest planets in our solar-neighborhood, that in astrology, together with the moon, sun and ascendant (which are not planets) compose the profile of a person’s personality.

    It seems as though the celestial bodies are creating a special opportunity for us to develop these days:  challenging us and checking if our personality is worked-out, self-determined and won’t be compromised. Or… are we still light as a feather, moving along with the wind everywhere the planet’s dance is taking us, letting the planets control our thoughts, feelings and actions…


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