The New Aquarius

The Great Transition from Behind the Scenes to Center Stage in the Age of Aquarius

When we observe the constellation of Aquarius in the sky, we see something special. The sages of old knew how to connect between those shining dots and to create an image of a man, bending down on one knee, holding a bucket in his hand. The water pouring out from the Aquarian’s bucket corresponds to the innumerable stars that shine and create a kind of small ocean in the skies, an ocean of twinkling stars – a glistening multitude of wonders.

It is important at this stage to note that the name of this astrological sign is the Aquarian – the Water Carrier. His job from the dawn of time was to bring new knowledge and wisdom to the world – the very same multitude of twinkling stars that have been in the heavens in service to human kind. After an exhausting day’s work, when the tribe at last reaches their camp to rest, the Water Bearer is the one who gets up to search for  fresh water for the members of his tribe. He has strengths that come to him from on high, due to his will to do good things for another, to be in true service. The water the Aquarian brings is not actually water – this is an analogy for something very much higher.

In spite of the misleading name, Aquarians are not connected to the element of water. They are in actuality connected to the element of air. That which they carry in the their bucket is not really water, but it is new knowledge, a new perception, a new ideology, a new teaching – all these are connected to the essence of the sign of Aquarius. That same man that can rise above his daily fatigue and above the day to day chores and bring people new knowledge that will truly quench the human race’s thirst.

Throughout the astrological ages we witness a great change in both the manner in which the Aquarian can deliver his message, and in the timings during which the Aquarian can deliver his message.

What Does this Signify? 

Astrology speaks of cycles upon cycles, on different levels, which move about in different groupings, many many clocks.  Some are cosmic, some are connected to Earth, some repeat themselves without changing, and some are actually constantly changing spirals. Throughout the ages this overlapping varies from one sphere to another, from one cycle to another, so that a different possibility is created in each age … this is the reason that changes of astrological epochs influence human culture at the deepest of levels:  perceptions, religion, culture, ways of thinking, human expression and more – each Astrological Age has its own unique fingerprint.

As many of us already know – we are now entering the Age of Aquarius.  This means that on the Spring Equinox Day falling on the 21st of March – the day in which the hours of daylight equal those of darkness, the starting moment of a new astrological year – the sign appearing on the horizon at the time of sunrise will be Aquarius.  This will happen only in another 360 years, but within an era that spans 2160 years – this is like a blink of an eye…

And this says that in the coming times here on Planet Earth, Aquarians will be connected to the number 1, which is a very important number (as it will be the first sign that starts the Zodiac).

Under the influence of the number 1, Aquarians will begin to occupy a central and principal place within the human fabric in which there are 12 celestial representatives.

Aquarians are not the only ones who will be sensing change in the future – this is a change that we can already feel as we all enter the Aquarian age – ideologies, higher perceptions, advanced notions, care for the individual, and thinking outside of the box. Actually today, in the age of startup and progress (which are both very much Aquarian) those that become “number one” are the ones who come up with new ideas and are innovators. A more minor place will now be occupied by those who will actually bring those ideas into realization. They with whom new ideas originate will now  become the spearhead – this can be seen everywhere – in technological innovations, in social networks, in the educational system being converted from rote learning to initiative and original thinking (something  that I hope will only increase), and can even be seen in economics. In actuality, it is no longer “in” to be like everyone else. In the Age of Aquarius it is exceptional to not be exceptional!  Even at the speed in which change follows change – which is very much connected with the quick nature of the element of air – and of course in the field of communications where ideas are transmitted to the entire world within moments… indeed the approaching entrance of the sign of Aquarius is already greatly felt in the world.

So What Does this Say About Aquarians?

Aquarians have every reason to be proud! Their souls chose a special path and have arrived especially in this age to be able to help the planet transition to the new frequency of the sign of Aquarius.

During the past 2000 years Aquarians were subject to the influence of the number 12, as the last of the astrological signs in the Era of Pisces. Thus, the Aquarian’s influence was only slight.

In actuality, we can see that throughout those 2000 years, which were subject to the influence of Pisces as the first astrological sign, what governed the world was religion (mainly Christianity, which is associated with Pisces). New ideas were scarce, revealed mostly in secrecy, and although they found some expression, were not able to come to the forefront. And we can only see the fate of those very same people who tried to break through towards progress, such as Galileo – who was burnt at the stake.

Over the 2000 years in which Aquarius was under the influence of the number 12, we experienced an unfortunateness characterized by ideas remaining amorphous, obscure or that were simply swept under the carpet.  At times someone would whisper new ideas into the ear of the religious leader. This formula for transferring new ideas is definitely unbearable for Aquarians – movement towards progression was much too sluggish.

Today, with the transition to Aquarius, Aquarians are moving to the forefront.  At last they can move into the full light of their ideas, together with the ideals that they stand for, with their lofty vision. From the grey and silent behind the scenes arena – the Aquarians now occupy center stage, as the holders of progressive ideas, and bearers of new knowledge.

How Does All This Influence Each One of Us, the Different Astrological Signs, to Realize Our True Destiny?

The Sign of Aquarius is connected with our ability to arrive at new knowledge and to connect to higher ideologies. When do so from the right place, we are able to help the rest of our human companions to achieve their destinies as well.  In the past thousands of years, destiny was something so lofty and high, that only a few, at the end of their lives, could attain this.

Aquarius’ transition to become number one signifies, among other things, that connection to a higher destiny has become more readily available for each and every one of us. And more than this, while once it was necessary to journey a lifetime to be able to reach one’s destiny, it seems that as time advances towards Aquarius, destiny is becoming something that children are simply born with…And this is since the number 1 is connected, among other things, to the earliest age on the journey of human life.

Constellation: Aquarius

Dates of Birth: Between the 13th of February to the 3rd of March, approximately   – the dates on the cusp need to be checked according to an exact map since the New Astrology has continuous changes.

Connective Symbol: The Bucket Carrier

Element: Air

Mode: Fixed

Number: 11 in the Tropical Zodiac, 12 in the present age, changes to 1 in the Age of Aquarius

Mission: To bring progress and to hold lofty ideals.

The Manner of Carrying out the Mission:   During these years Aquarians are moving from a time in which ideas were transmitted amongst themselves behind the scenes, to a possibility of now standing center stage and broadcasting their ideas at full strength.