The New Pisces

The New Pisces, Life and Death and the Astrological Age we Live in…

Although the classical astrological map begins in Aries, which is supposed to be the sign behind the sun on the spring equinox (March 3rd), when you actually look at the skies in that special day when the new astrological year begins – the sign arising at the ascendant at sunrise is actually Pisces.

Pisces in the first of the celestial cycle, and it goes together with the fact that we are at the Age of Pisces right now. It has been like that for the last 2000 years, and will continue to be so for another 360 years, until Aquarius will become the first Sign and the Age of Aquarius will begin.

And here the analogy of the gold-fish that does not see its own aquarium realy fits – do we manage to see our own astrological era, that surrounds us but so transparent and natural to us that it’s easy to miss?

When a short-term astrological influence affects us it is easy to detect: a bad week, a month with pressure at work or a year of new energy in the family. But when it comes to an astrological affect that resides for 2000 years – it’s very hard to even understand it’s “mearly” a passing astrological influence.

When we look after the effect of the astrological ages upon us we will find it in the really big things – religions, traditions, beliefs… it is a vast and over-all effect. So big that sometimes hard to recognize…

Understanding the nature of Pisces can help us see in what influences human lives “swam” in for the last 2000 years.

Researching Pisces

The glyph of Pisces originates in Ancient Egypt. It includes two parts of a cycle attached by a line, symbolizing the meeting point of two worlds…

When we look at the famous illustration that traditionally goes with Pisces we find two fish, each heading to another direction and together creating a circle.

The Fish is a meaningful symbol in different traditions.

In Judaism the fish, that has many eggs in its belly still symbolizes abundance and fertility – eaten in special holidays like Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new years) to attract these qualities.

But in ancient Egypt in is crucial to what direction the fish is heading. Is he heading west, to the Nile that symbolizes life, or is it heading east, to the desert, land of the dead?

In the traditional illustration we find in opposite directions – one symbolizing life, and the other – death.

We can elaborate more about the connection between fish and death reading the Egyptian mythology.

There we find Osiris – the live god and king, and his wife Isis. Osiris’ evil brother, Seth, that wanted to be king, murdered his brother, sliced his body and distributed the different body parts in all of land of Egypt. Loving Isis searched and found all of Osiris’ body parts, all but one, in order to put them together and bring her husband back to life.

The one part missing was Osiris’ gentiles, that was thrown by Seth to the Nile and there eaten by the fish. Without that crucial part Osiris could not bring more children (Horus, their only son, was already born before the incident). Without the ability to fertilize the essence of life and continuity seek to exist. The fish, in this tradition, symbolizes death and ending…

So – going back to the fish we slowly understand that their glyph and illustration talks about two opposites worlds, connecting, opposing, completing, attached by a fine-thin line – the world of life and the world of death, the world of the physical and the world of the spiritual… the thin line connecting both is the dimension of time, on which the human walks from one world to the other , but from a higher perspective the line on the glyph tells us these worlds are always inter-connected, always attached one to the other.

 Now let’s see that Pisces is one of the 3 Water signs, and water represents our emotions, but also the spiritual, religious, mysterious and transcendent.

Pisces represents Water in their receiving form, (out of 3 possibilities: Scorpio – fixed/neutral, Cancer – cardinal/active, Pisces – mutable/receiving). Pisces symbolizes our ability to receive other people’s emotions, as the spiritual and unseen realms – and our ability to change by these things.

The New Pisces

The actual dates for the time of Pisces – according to the celestial map – are March 13th – April 12th approximately (the actual zodiac is constantly moving, so there is a need to have an accurate check for your own map, especially if you were born at the beginning or the end of these dates)

When we meet Pisces-people we meet people that can easily connect to the spiritual worlds, contain them and be aware of them. People that allow the energetic realms affect them, get in them and change their lives. These are highly sensitive people, which receive other people’s moods. Intuitive people that what mainly controls them are the domains of inspiration, imagination and connection.

When we talk about the New Pisces – the updated Pisces for the age we are now at – we have to see it is a bit different than what we use to hear about Pisces.

Pisces use to have a reputation of very gentle people, not really touching ground. But the fact that Pisces are very intuitive does not necessarily says something about them being gentle or not dominant!!

On the contrary – in this Pisces Age, Pisces are the first astrological sign in the celestial zodiac. And as first there are affected of the frequency of the number 1. Number 1 people (numerological meaning) are people that take top positions, dominant, stand at the arrow’s head, leaders.

At the age of Pisces we were witnessing a special kind of leadership – leaders that combine the ability to be at the front together with spiritual abilities, very energetic-influenced, esoteric and attentive to the mood of the people.

A little Story

During the last few months I have met two “New Pisces” ladies, separately.

Both thought they are Aries, and their red hair and freckles matched their planetary type, together with vitality and “pepper”.

At first it was heard for them to accept they are actually Pisces, mostly because their profile matched what they knew about Aries (at least the “old” Aries). But when we gleaned for a little more information we realized that underneath the dominant outskirts there was a very sensitive core.

The first lady – about 40 years old, a leader in her field and an innovator of new educational programs (sound Aries, right? Well, no – it’s about being a number 1). But going deeper I found she started as a social worker and what motivated her to lead was mainly her ability to understand other people’s desperations and needs. Her emotions were what lead her to action, and that is characteristic of Pisces!

The other New Pisces” was a young hyper-active girl, that came with her mother for consultant. The mother found it difficult to adjust to her daughter’s behavior. She thought her “Aries-like” outbursts were rash, implosive and inconsiderate. Looking at the map we started understanding the reasons to these verbal, physical and emotional outbursts. That young very special dynamic girl did not mean to offend or upset her mother by her behavior. And she was not as tough and defying as the mother thought… it was actually her high sensitivity that made her react as she did.

The girl was very empathic to her surroundings, receiving in to her aura her friend’s class mate’s and family’s emotions. Her outbursts were her way to access the emotions she absorbed and could not contain. And this high sensitivity is again a Pisces’ tendency.

When her mother understood the reason for her daughter’s behavior she could connect to her daughter and could offer her other options to access the low energy that her daughter absorbed daily. This understanding gave peace to that family…

The Age of Pisces

2000 years ago a new frequency entered the world.

Every frequency reaching us from the distant universe is approaching the solar system through the constellations, then finds it’s appropriate “ambassador” – a planet – and from that planet can actually radiate and influence earth.

Each new frequency entering earth tries then to manifest itself in physical forms. This is what our planet enables, and her part in the beautiful relationship between the celestial bodies and the universal pulses.

The astrological ages are a mirror of the different energetic pulses entering earth.

2000 years ago the age of Pisces began, and exactly at the same time a new religion have rose – Christianity.

When we look at the story of Christianity and Jesus Christ we find many leads that attach us to Pisces – Jesus Christ’s life near the Sea of Galilee, walking on water, fishermen, and miracles to do with fish… But it’s not only the amount of water and fish that link Christianity to the incoming age of Pisces; it is also the Essence of Pisces that resides there…

Jesus Christ have brought something to earth that was not common until his time – compassion, love and empathy.

Today we find these qualities quite obvious an common. But in earlier ages the world was much more masculine and barbaric as we can see from the biblical stories and the history we know. A forgiving god took the place of the angry, vindictive all-mighty gods of the former traditions.

The beginning of the Pisces age brought to earth a new religion. A religion where the leader is a spiritual one, moving between life and death, with an amorphic Masaya that have lived in the past but will rise in the future…  And on the other side of the Pisces frequency we find it’s completing opposition – with the frequency of the opposite sign to Pisces in the zodiac – the Virgo…

And then things went “Fishy”…

Together with the new religion that tried to manifest the new universal frequency entering earth, something else started to happen – as spiritual Pisces took the nature of number 1 – religion started to take the lead

In the age of Taurus we found kings in big castles providing and taking care for the financial well being of the people (and themselves…). In Aries age we find the Roman (but not only) creasers, taking the military lead, concurring more and more land as a wild fire. In the Pisces age the religious person became the true leader, trying to lead people spiritually and putting the emphasis on the belief.

Shortly after the rise of Christianity (in astrological ages tearms 300 years is a short period) the Vatican takes a prominent lead. The spiritual leader becomes the person that will put kings up or down. From a very loose policy about beliefs where almost every form of worship is allowed – only one religion is now allowed – with the extreme taking place at the time of the Inquisition.

Religion and the upcoming Age of Aquarius

In the passing age we saw the contrast between the very amorphic and high spiritual frequency of Pisces and the number 1.

Today, when times are reaching another change of Astrological Age we can see a shift in the approach to religion and spirituality. Atheism started to appear – an option not known before, and in many places spirituality finds much more fluid and personal expression then the dominant religions of the Pisces Age.

We need not worry about spirituality – the real connection and belief will not die as the ages shift. They will merely take the form of the number 2…

The dominant place of the religion will be taken in the Age of Aquarius by philosophies, new ideas, expressing one’s brightness and uniqueness and of course – as we already see – the airy passage of ideas quickly between individuals, along with many reforms and revolutions…

Religion and spirituality will take a different place and lead in people’s lives.

Under the materialistic, balancing, mutual affect of the number 2 we might see the grounding of spirituality – huge buildings for meditation or prayer, big spiritual centers for people to come and feel very safe in. A mutuality between the person and their spiritual life, between humans and the unseen and much more tolerance to do with people’s beliefs. Under the influence of 2 Religion might become the source of strength and stability for people. We might find in the coming age also the prosperity of arts, imagination and inspiration, Maybe…

But this all is speculative, and the combination between Pisces and the number 2 can have many different forms – that only time will slowly reveal…