• A View of the Night’s Skies

    Posted on May 24, 2015 by in Astrology Extra

    goddessEarly evening to the West one can clearly see these days beautiful Venus – biggest and brightest of the stars, the first to shine after sunset. A bit to its East, Jupiter, Venus’ mythological father, is shining. Although in actuality Jupiter is much larger than Venus – these days Jupiter looks to us smaller. During the next weeks Venus and Jupiter will draw closer and closer to each other till their conjunction.

    Venus is now in the Gemini constellation (the Exchange Realm)  – also easily detected in the sky with its twin main stars.  Jupiter is a bit behind Venus, in the realm of Giving with the Cancer constellation in it – a bit more difficult to detect.

    For those following the skies two planets that were visible just a short while ago have disappeared from view – Mercury which is retrograding, and Mars – both too close to the Sun to be seen, neither in the evening nor in the morning.