• A Third Chance for Love

    Posted on October 4, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    venus and marsUsually the mythological couple Venus and Mars conjunct once a year in the skies. This year the royal couple are meeting three times! A triple conjunction like that is rare. The last time this happened was 30 years ago…

    Once a year it seem to us from Earth, as though quick Venus at a certain point is travelling closer and closer to Mars, kisses her lover by a close conjunction (a conjunction is when two celestial bodies are very close to each other in the skies) and then hurries away from him, leaving her slower mate behind.

    But this year right after the annual conjunction, Venus retrograded. So Venus came back towards Mars to say another close hello. Now, when Venus is back to her regular course she is going to meet her lover for the third and last time this year.

    I must add the obvious – that this is all how the two celestial bodies appear to us from the standpoint of Earth, while in actuality they are a few light minutes away from each other.


    This third, rare and last conjunction will be visible to us, if we wake up early in the morning. For these days the mythological couple, together with Jupiter, appear in the early morning skies, about an hour or two before sun rise, and of course disappear when the light of the Sun brightens the heavens and prevents us from seeing what is beyond.

    The actual conjunction of Venus and Mars will be on November 3rd, but we can already see and feel Venus getting closer and closer every night to her lover.

    This conjunction is going to be a positive and  lucky one – due to its proximity to Jupiter – planet of Luck, Success and Expansion.

    This third and triple conjunction  (Venus, Mars and Jupiter) is a cosmic doorway opening  for us in the skies. And it gives us the time -from now and till the actual conjunction, to prepare for it. This is a cosmic doorway to do with love and relationships, with the meeting between men and women. But not only that – for the unity between the conduit of feelings and the conduit of action is a lucky charm for the arts, a time filled with inspiration, creativity and passion.

    The unity between Mars and Venus in proximity to Jupiter is also, for those who seek for it – a wonderful opportunity to begin a new job or project that has to do with what they passionately love.

    Enjoy this unique time, and try to make the effort from time to time to wake up early enough to see the spectacular view in the early morning skies – in the East, before sunrise.


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