• A Special Gift from Venus this Week!

    Posted on February 2, 2014 by in Astrological Forecasts

    This week a special astrological doorway is opening enabling us go through true change in the areas Venus controls:

    • Love and Relationships
    • Our feelings and emotions
    • The way we, women, relate to our femininity
    • Our perceptions of  beauty, harmony and esthetics (enabling women to learn to love their own beauty)
    • And our attitude towards money and Abundance.

    Venus have just ended a long period of retrogression, a month and a half in which our emotions went “backwards”, ruining our love-life and damaging the cash-flow.

    On Friday Venus went back to her regular course (as seen from Earth, of-course), opening again the gate for love, and restoring our feelings to much more normal ones, and reducing the financial stress.

    Venus is a lady, and as a lady she is now mending whatever she caused during the last month and a half, enabling us to do much more than just “feel OK” this week.


    As Venus starts her regular course this week she is in conjunction with Pluto, planet of transformation and metamorphosis.


    Pluto is the planet furthest away fom Earth in our solar system, very slow, ands very very small (some don’t even consider it to be a planet because of its size). Its astrological effect, however, is HUGE.

    Pluto in Roman mythology is the lord of the underworld. We felt its effect upon us last week, while in conjunction to retrograding Venus – leading our feelings down to the pits of despair.


    This week we will learn more about Pluto’s positive side.

    In the dungeons of hell, Pluto, the god, had a doorway leading to mount Olympus. This symbolized the ability to enable the complete transformation of the dark to transform to complete enlightenment.


    This week we have the possibility to be affected by Pluto’s ability to lead us to transformation. And the transformation will be made in the areas Venus is responsible for, as mentioned above (love, beauty, harmony, abundance etc.) This change couldn’t have come about without us being dragged first through the emotional extremes of the last month.


    But the change will not occur by itself!

    The planet’s dance will have to be accompanied by a firm decision to go through this change, and complete awareness of the path of change we will be going through. The planets will assist us, but not do the job for us.


    If we’ll do the work of transformation, from being controlled by lower emotions to choosing to be attached to the higher ones – apart from the wonderful change we’ll go through – we will also find out that we are less controlled by Venus’ retrogression next time it occurs (a year and a half from now).


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