• A Quick Celestial Over-View

    Posted on June 28, 2015 by in Astrological Forecasts

    solar systemJupiter and Venus will be in full conjunction on Wednesday, July 1st. If the skies are clear you will not be able to miss these two bright and beautiful planets, which are the first to appear at sunset to the west.

    If you haven’t already – please read more about this conjunction and the way it will affect your life – by clicking here.

    In addition – the Sun and Mars are now in the realm of Exchange allowing us to be free and act freely, allowing us to do many things at once and enabling us to connect with other people, receive and give in a mutual flow, realizing we are always able to give someone something they need, and that what we are searching for probably resides inside the knowledge of someone or something else we can connect to. This is the time for co-operation and team work!

    By the way – after months of being visible in the evening skies – Mars is so close to the Sun right now that it cannot be seen. In about a month it will be possible to see Mars in the skies again, before dawn.


    Mercury is in the realm of the Key – opening us for exploration and learning, pushing us to seek for the reasons and source of things. Mercury is once again seen in the skies  – for the early risers, about an hour before sunrise and till dawn.